Why you Need International Child Support Lawyer

Child Support Lawyer
Child Support Lawyer

Marriages often end in divorces which are enforced via following some rules and regulations of marriage law. However, the process a lot more complicated if your partner you are separating from belongs to another country. Usually, your partner would want to move back to his or her home country.

Moving back and forth for a relationship and during its breakage is not a big deal for couples without a child. We cannot, however, say the same for couples with children of their own. According to law, one of the parents must pay for child support to the other.  To get aware of the process, you must speak to an international child support lawyer.

International Child Support Lawyer:

The situation is quite a complex one when one of the parents has to file for an existing child support order when another parent lives miles apart in another country. The process of paying child support is designed and structured well in the United States; however, the same cannot be said about parents in different nations of the world.

In many countries around the world, the law is not familiar with the authority of child support order from another country. Hence a parent must reach out to a foreign court for a new child support order.

Agreements with Other Countries:

The United States has agreements with numerous foreign countries regarding child support orders via Secretary of State. Till date, the United States is in a treaty with innumerable countries like Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal and the Slovak Republic about enforcement of child support orders.

The United States also has similar treaties with many other countries. The office of child support is also responsible for the enforcement of laws regarding international child support orders. The office also helps in guiding the United States with proper negotiating and implementing the latest international treaty for child support. The United States has arrangements with 26 foreign countries.

State Agreements:

Many other foreign countries have their independent arrangement and agreements with individual states of the United States in addition to the countries referred above. A local court is the only one that would have jurisdiction to impose a child support order in the event of the absence of agreement between the United States and the state concerned.

Collection efforts:

It is crucial to provide every possible information and detail regarding the obligated parent. All details, such as the parent’s address, place of employment, property information, etc. need to be provided to the Child Support Enforcement Unit of the Department of Revenue.

No agreements:

The good thing about the law is even if the accountable parent moves or flies to another country which is not in a contract or agreement with the United States regarding child support law, there is still another method of collecting child support fund from the parent.

But it does make the task quite challenging. Such processes turn out to be filled with complications. One possible method is to hire a lawyer in that particular location to be able to file the child support order.

Locating a Parent:

In some cases, to avoid the obligation of paying the child support, a parent may migrate to a new country. On the other hand, the parent who is entitled to receive the child support may be unaware of where the other parent is currently living.

In such event, the parent chooses to verify with the embassies in the United States to ensure whether the other parent has made any registration with the embassy or United States consulate abroad. However, further specific detail or information of the obligated parent is protected and not disclosed due to the privacy laws.

Therefore, a parent may not be allowed to acquire the physical address of the individual. However, the embassy may refer the parent to a local investigator who may be capable of finding or locating the whereabouts of the other parent.

Given that the other parent is a part of the armed forces or government employee, additional resources are typically available to assist these entities in finding the location and enforcing the orders of the court.

Restriction on Leaving the Country:

Some of the safety net or safeguards as you would like to call it are enforced in the event of some uncertain misshapen such as if an obligated parent goes on the run to avoid providing child support.  The safety law to prevent such circumstances is to revoke or deny existing passports or applications in the event of exceeding $4000 or more in child support arrears by the accountable parent.


If you are a worried parent or a concerned one on raising your child after separation, do not fret over it. This article provides the most detailed methods of obtaining the child support you need from your partner, no matter which country they belong to.

Approaching the Laws and regulations are the best manners in which you can get the support you need! So get your international child support lawyer to get your work done most satisfyingly.


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