Video Conferencing vs Face-to-Face Meetings

Video conferencing advantages
Video conferencing advantages

In recent years, video conferencing has become increasingly popular. First, with the rise of Skype, then with other conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. However, it wasn’t until the pandemic that companies were forced to transition to video conferencing, abandoning face-to-face meetings entirely. Part of the initial hesitation towards video conferencing was the perceived inferiority to face-to-face meetings. Human interactions are complex, requiring expressions and non-verbal communication to get the full effect.

Yet, despite the drawbacks, video conferencing has proven to have several key benefits.

Infection Control

Even in a post-pandemic world, people will still be wary of intimate settings with lots of people gathered, especially strangers. Office spaces will reopen; however, it seems unlikely that the employees will be packed in, in the same numbers.

Therefore, video conferencing won’t be going anywhere. Though you may be working disparately, through the power of the conferencing app, you can be brought together for a virtual meeting, without any of the worries about infection control. Everyone will feel safe.

Reduced Costs

Of all the benefits described, companies are naturally attracted to the reduced costs. The days of the expansive, spacious offices are over. As mentioned, they will be less desirable because of wariness about the coronavirus. Still, also, if everyone can and does work from home, the logic of the office begins to fade. The large overheads start to seem a waste. With the economy struggling, businesses will see this as an opportunity to avoid redundancies or collapse.

In addition to reduced office space, travel costs are likely to decrease. Why travel halfway around the world for a meeting that takes an hour on Zoom? Which leads us onto…

No Travelling

Geography has been a significant impediment to business since the dawn of time. It reduces the distance you can sell, the clients you can attract, and shrinks the talent pool available. Now, these limitations are being eliminated. If you want to expand to new markets around the world, then set up meetings with clients has never been easier. No expensive and laborious seven-hour flight. Instead, the meeting can be organised instantly. Plus, if you want to have meetings with multiple places, you don’t have to take the plane from LA to Chicago. You can even book the meetings back-to-back

However, the benefits don’t stop with your customers. Before, you were restricted to hiring the people who lived near your office or were willing to move. Now, everything has changed. Talented workers from around the world can now work for your company. After all, if everyone is working from home; why does their location matter? You will be able to attract the best people for your business, boosting productivity and sales. To liaise with them: set up a video conference call.

Save the Environment

Alongside reduced travel costs, there is also a significant benefit to the environment. Both companies and individuals are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious in their decision-making. Selecting certain products over others, using less water, or ensuring to recycle. But cutting down your travel costs is one of the best options for reducing your business’ and employees’ carbon footprints.

International travel offers a significant reduction in fossil fuels use. Still, the everyday travel of employees is also a considerable volume of CO2 that is pumped into the atmosphere every year.

When everyone can join a virtual conference call to catch-up or present their work, driving your car or catching the bus to work, begins to seem outdated.

Tools Available

One of the underappreciated – and less obvious – benefits of video conferencing is the sheer number of tools you have at your disposal. Often these ameliorate any downsides of the technology.

For example, when remote working, the backdrop to a video conference call is your home. However, we all have lives. Many of us have kids or pets, or another family member working at home. We don’t want people peering into our houses, nor do we want to give a bad impression to a client. That’s where virtual backgrounds come in. Head over to Hello Backgrounds, for a complete guide of how to choose a Zoom virtual background. With their green screen technology, your home can be transformed into a serene park or stylish boardroom. The choice is yours.

However, the tools don’t stop there. If you are struggling to explain a difficult concept or you’re having a brainstorming session and need a place to note down your ideas: use a virtual whiteboard. Here you can sketch out whatever you can think up and wipe it away just as easy. Plus, you can take a screenshot and share after the meeting.

Also, with the option to record meetings, you can send a copy to anyone who struggled to attend. Now that’s a benefit you don’t get with a face-to-face meeting!

No one is suggesting the face-to-face meeting is going to disappear entirely. However, as the business landscape adapts and changes, the benefits of video conferencing are becoming self-evident. We live with them every day. So, while we’ll still want to meet in person, few can refuse the opportunities of the new virtual world.

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