Top Fitness Bands in the Race Under 10k

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Fitness bands have attracted both men and women alike. Evidence supports that these top fitness bands are likely to increase your workout time by 36 minutes. Markets today are heavily laden with activity trackers offering various features. These fitness-oriented bands are available in various prices. Looking for a high-end band that suits your needs the best? Also, if you are looking for the best multi gym machine for home in 2021? Check out the best home gym equipment reviews, brand, and much more

Catalogued below are reviews of Top 5 fitness bands under 10k.


Tad expensive, Fitbit Charge 2 is amongst the top fitness bands under 10k on the platform. Like other activity trackers, it monitors your heart rate on a real-time basis and keeps track of all your physical performance.

In addition, it also keeps record of your sleeping pattern and has a unique function of a vibrating alarm to wake you up. With all it’s features and GPS functionality on the ‘Run mode’ makes it a perfect match for fitness geeks.

Amid all these pros Fitbit Charge 2 also has some cons. It’s features especially the ‘step count’ feature is less accurate. It also, reportedly, faces issue in receiving notifications. Also, it is a bit expensive, costing you around INR 9,750.

You can buy Fitbit charge 2 on Amazon.

source: amazon


Launched by Garmin, VIVOFIT 4 stands out among the top fitness bands. With its multiple features including steps tracker, distance tracker, calories burn rate tracker and sleep tracker, this band also has a special Garmin’s Move IQ feature. This feature helps in recording your activities like biking, running and swimming.

Costing around 5,490, you would want to avoid this band due to it’s dodgy UI and aesthetics.

source: garmin


Relatively older, yet JAWBONE UP24 remains one of the smartest gadgets in the array of top fitness bands. This band was launched back in 2013. With it’s delicious features JAWBONE UP24 takes fitness bands to whole another level. It does not only counts steps but makes a detailed document on your recorded sleep, exercise and food patterns.

With all it’s good features, JAWBONE UP24 lacks in a digital screen.

You can watch a detailed review of JAWBONE UP24 here.



With it great looks this watch looks more like a smartwatch. Yet this fitness-centric watch has accurate heart rate tracker, GPS and other exciting multi-sport tracking, sleep tracking and VO2 max features. It’s long battery life and moderate price makes it climb the ladder in the top fitness bands under 10k.

source: amazfit

5Boltt Empower Smart Watch Band

This fitness band offers a dynamic heart rate monitor along with other trackers. It’s water resistance works for around 30 minutes. This watch comes a step ahead with it’s personalized work routines and weight loss plans with the Boltt app. With it’s OLED screen and other features this watch is contesting in the top fitness bands under 10k. View the watch here.

source: amazon

These are among the top fitness bands that are available today. There are many other fitness bands under 10k, but their specifications and configurations are different from the above mentioned top 5 fitness bands. Pick your high-end fitness band today.


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