Tips & Tricks To Keep Your Flooring Safe During Relocation!!!


There are numerous numbers of tasks to do that a person has to complete while relocating and during these tasks, the mind of the person stays occupied forgetting about a few serious things. The lifting of heavy material, loading, and unloading of items can cause damage as you forgot to pay attention to it.

If anything damages during the entire moving process, then you will be responsible to cover the cost of repair and replacement. It is the time when you already have to spend a lot of your hard-earned money therefore it might become unbearable for you to spend extra on repairs. The experts at container companies explain that it is your responsibility to pay attention to the safety of all the household things. But out of all the things, floors are more prone to damage during a move. Luckily, now with the help of these a few tips, you can easily keep your floor safe even during lots of moving-related tasks.

Tips that will help you!!!

1. Pack appropriately  

You might have the thought in your mind that how packing could play a role in the protection of flooring. Have a look at how it is possible:

a.) Use sturdy boxes: Pack all the household items in sturdy boxes that can handle the weight of the items present inside the box. So that these do not come out else the items can cause damage.  

b.) Don’t overfill the boxes: The weight distribution remains equal and you do not overfill the boxes else while lifting the boxes, you may face the problem and they can also cause damage to the floor. Also, pack them appropriately so that the weight can be distributed in the entire box, and carrying the box will become easier. Make sure the weight does not increase more than 20 pounds of each box.  

c.) Reinforce the box bottom: Make sure the bottom of the box is taped well so that the items do not spill out from the box. 

d.) Wrap the furniture items properly: You should wrap the edges and bottom with tapes properly so that protective measures can be taken and in case if a furniture item drops then it would not damage the flooring. 

2. Use sliders to slide heavy items like furniture items

To load, unload, and shift heavy items, sliders are a good option. Like when it comes to moving a heavyweight couch or a bed along with hardwood flooring then using a furniture slider to slide these items makes the task smoother. So consider spending money on sliders to prevent any kind of damage.

If you are limited in budget and you are not able to buy the furniture sliders then it is time to go creative. All you have to do is just use the protective blankets as sliders and slide the heavy furniture by keeping it over the blankets. Blankets would not only help protect the hardwood flooring but as well as it also makes the moving of heavy furniture easier as well as lower the chances of damage of items.

Note:As you know to shift and carrying heavy furniture items is difficult. So, to make it easier, make sure you push the heavy objects and not pull it. Pushing will make it easier to slide the heavy furniture with ease. 

3. Place doormats at the entrance and cover the flooring with plastic sheet if possible 

Doormats are a great way to keep the floors clean and free from any kind of debris and dirt. If you keep the doormats at the entrance of the home then the professionals can clean their shoes at the doormat and the floor can stay clean. Also, you should use the adhesive plastic coverings for the floor so that it can be protected completely. These are a great option because they will also lower the chance of slipping because of their non-slippery surface. But at the same time, keep it in mind that the plastic coverings can be expensive but these are the best to cover the flooring. Spending a little now on coverings can save higher in the future. 

If you have hired professionals to do the moving-related tasks then make sure when the crew members come, you keep the floor of your home covered. Don’t just assume that the crew members will on and off their shoes during the task because it is not possible and the task will consume lots of time as well as difficult to do. You can also cover the flooring using the old carpets present at your home.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Using these above tips and tricks, you can easily keep the flooring safe and protected from any kind of scratches, and not just that it can also be used to keep the floor safe from any dust, dirt, or debris. Keep your expensive flooring safe during the moving process using these tips. Remember if you know where to start the moving process, you can ensure success in your endeavors.


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