7 Best Tablets for College Students


The tablet market does not show the development as rapid as that of smartphones. Skeptics might even say it’s dead. There are reasons to think like that.

However, Apple does not think that way along with some other companies. When speaking of content consumption (and modern remote studying is nothing but that), tablets definitely are kings of competition.

In this article, I’ve got seven gadgets that will remain relevant for at least a year. We’ll start with the most affordable models, and gradually proceed with more expensive ones to let every student find exactly what they need.

Let’s go!

Lenovo Tab M8

The first tablet of our rating is able to attract every student’s attention with its compact size and affordable price. The screen diagonal is 8 inches. The feedback of customers on the web lets us conclude that this gadget is assembled quite well, despite being definitely a budget solution. By the way, its bezels are quite thin, especially considering the price point.

Of course, you can’t expect super performance from the Helio A22 processor. But it is more than enough for everyday tasks like reading books and articles, watching educational videos, ordering some paper writing help, and even playing some less demanding games. For students on a tight budget, Lenovo Tab M8 is probably the best opportunity to update some hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019

This device is almost twice as expensive as the previous one, but I need to say that it also has a nearly doubled number of features and characteristics at the same time.

There are two versions of this tablet on the market: with and without an LTE slot. Pick what you need depending on a price. With a TFT display installed, the tablet provides excellent color reproduction. The resolution is 1920×1200 pixels, which is more than good for the most part of students aiming to read and watch YouTube with it.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

This tablet is the direct competitor for the previous one, and has a lot of features to brag with. The difference in price between the mentioned Xiaomi and Samsung models is negligible, as it doesn’t exceed 10 to 20 bucks. The tablet has quite thin bezels, but is comfortable enough to hold avoiding accidental display touches.

Mi Pad 4 offers an 8-inch display, and works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU. This processor is usual for budget models, but its performance is good enough to avoid unwanted lags when you work with a tablet.

Apple iPad 10.2 2019 Wi-Fi

Apple iPad was the device to create the market of tablets, and the company continues ruling it. In 2019, the world saw the iPhone 11 and the 7th Gen iPad we are currently speaking about. It will be a perfect studying assistant. At least, you’ll feel it easy to make notes during lectures or to work with tables and presentations like a pro.

Apple devices have always been famous for their great displays, and this tablet is not an exclusion. Here, they installed an IPS matrix with 10.2 inches of size and 2160×1620 pixels of resolution. The manufacturer guarantees 10 hours of battery lifetime, which is just great when you have a long day in college.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 2019

Although this tablet is not a flagship model by Samsung, its characteristics and design definitely want to be closer to expensive gadgets. First of all, this tablet has a very thin body and bezels of its 10.5-inch screen. The design of this Samsung gadget is also beautiful. Despite the tablet being thin, its assembly quality is excellent.

The screen is big enough with the SuperAmoled matrix (2560×1600 pixels), but the weight of the tablet is near 0.8 pounds. If you need a comfortable device to read documents, watch videos, movies and consume other content, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e is a perfect solution within its price category.

Microsoft Surface Go

Tablets failed to replace desktop or laptop PC’s entirely by now, but Microsoft still decided to develop that concept. The Surface Go tablet is the only OS Windows-based device included in this top, and that is among its key advantages if you want to try replacing your computer with a tablet.

Surface Go has a great design, and a very comfortable built-in stand making it easy to position a device in a content-watching mode. Additionally, it is no problem to connect a keyboard and a mouse to this tablet in order to get a comfortable workplace wherever you are.  

Apple A1934 iPad Pro Wi-Fi plus 4G

This device is significantly more expensive than all other tablets shown above, but the price is its only disadvantage. All the other features and characteristics make it a perfect solution capable of dealing with any task you want it to do.

The 11-inch display is bigger than those of other competitors. The resolution of its IPS matrix is 1668×2388 pixels. The processor is A12X Bionic, which is enough to run all apps and games you could ever download from the App Store.  

By the way, the traditional Lightning was replaced by the USB Type-C slot in an iPadPro. Of course, it supports Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil. What’s more important about the Pro version is that they adapted PhotoShop to it. If you are a design and art student, this is exactly what you need. 


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