Reviewing the Top 5 Superbikes Under 5 lakhs


The sub-Rs 5 lakh motorcycle segment in India is mostly ruled by sport bikes than any other segment. We have put together list of top sportbikes that promise good value of money and fall under the price tag of 5 Lakh. We have focused on the range of audience, their usage and reviews.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

superbikes in india under 5 lakhs

Ranking top in our list is Kawasaki Ninja 300. Priced at 2.98 lac, Ninja 300 is India’s most affordable twin-cylinder sportbike. One of its kind, Ninja 300 has just covered a huge price drop by 1 Lakh in India where it was originally price at 3.6 lac. With its low maintenance cost and after sales servicing, we have kept it #1 in our ranking marking it highly efficient and different from its competitions. Available in candy green and plasma blue, giving 2 color options for you to buy.

Engine Dimension: 296cc
Power: 38.5Bhp@11000 rpm
Torque: 27Nm@1000 rpm
No of cylinder: 2
Fuel Tank: 17 Litre
Top Speed:182 km/hr
ABS: Dual Channel
Ground Clearance: 135 mm
Kerb Weight: 179 kg
Price:2.98 Lac

Yamaha R3

Ranked #2 is Yamaha R3, One of the most sought after sports-bike. R3 has managed to rule the hearts of any beginner race with its looks, appeal and performance. Offering two mature shades for riders who are not into flare patterns and loud shades. Where Racing Blue looks very elegant while Magma Black shows how matt finish can improve the overall design lines of a sportbike. The bike’s impressive solid build and genuine lightweight give any beginner rider good suitable option to purchase. However, the launch of Ninja 300 along with its price drop marked a direct hit Yamaha’s value for money.

Engine Dimension:296ccPower: 41.4Bhp@10750 rpm
Torque: 29.6Nm@9000 rpm
No of cylinder: 2
Fuel Tank: 14 Litre
Top Speed: 188 Kmph
ABS: Dual channel
Ground Clearance: 160mm
Kerb Weight: 173 Kg
Price: 3.48 Lac

KTM RC 390

superbikes under 5 lakhs

KTM RC 390 is a fully faired sports bike based on the Duke 390 naked motorcycle. Ranked #3 RC 390 has an inescapable bold and charming beauty. RC 390 simply loves to play with speed, jumping from 0 to 100 kmph in no more than 6 seconds. Priced at 2.40 lac, KTM RC 390 is stylish, good performer with good handling packages. However, with its heating issue and aggressive riding posture, the bike is quite uncomfortable in real world conditions. And, the situation even gets worse with its thinly padded seat.

Engine Dimension: 373 cc
Power: 43Bhp@9000 rpm
Torque: 35Nm@7000 rpm
No of cylinder: 1
Fuel Tank: 10 Litre
Top Speed: 179 Kmph
ABS: Dual Channel
Ground Clearance: 178 mm
Kerb Weight: 170 kg
Price: 2.40 Lac

TVS Apache RR 310

Ranked #4 is TVS Apache RR 310, one of the most celebrated sportbike and gives direct competition to KTM RC 390. With its impressive design and comfortable riding position it surely stands but comes with limited and only 2 red and black shades and also has low fuel tank capacity. We believe that TVS could offer a little more with its price tagged at 2 Lakh.

Engine Dimension: 312cc
Power: 34Bhp@9700 rpm
Torque: 27Nm@7700rpm
No of cylinder: 1
Fuel Tank: 11 Litre
Top Speed: 160 kmph
ABS: Dual Channel
Ground Clearance: 180 mm
Kerb Weight: 170 kg
Price: 2 Lac

Hyosung GT 250

sports bike under 5 lakh

Ranked #4 is Hyosung GT 250 with its sleek and modern looking package along with mangable power. Good in its look Hyosung, however lacks in performance. It comes with dual-channel ABS as standard for the dual front and a single rear disc. Onto our research we found out that Hyosung lacks good after sales value and also have poor market for its spare parts.

Engine Dimension: 249 cc
Power: 28Bhp@1000 rpm
Torque: 22Nm@8000 rpm
No of cylinder: 2
Fuel Tank: 17 Litre
Top Speed: 140kmph
ABS: Dual Channel
Ground Clearance: 155mm
Kerb Weight:188 kg
Price: 3.39 Lac

We don’t advertise and promote any single or particular model or brand. The views and reviews are solely based on our research, market value, customer reviews and word of mouth.


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