Princess Connect Re Dive PvP Teaming By LDPlayer – The Best Android Emulator.


Welcome to the world’s best android emulator with Princess Connect Re: Dive RPG. The new RPG will catch up with all the gamers around the world, and through its competitive battles, you will be amazed. As this role-playing game was an extract of an actual series, it has taken worldwide attention and so on the players. So want to gain the maximum features? Then join this game with LDPlayer. Download Princess Connect Re: Dive on PC now and enjoy using LDPlayer to play this game!

LDPlayer is a fantastic tool that lets you play this mobile game on your PC with many added features and modifications. Rather than playing the game using a small screen on a mobile, who wouldn’t like to get a super vast screen with a handful of gestures to play what you want. That is why we have LDPlayer. This is the most excellent emulator to play any mobile game on your PC with so many features, and you will never regret choosing it.

PvP teaming with LDPlayer

There will two PvP modes available within Princess Connect Re: Dive as battle and princess arenas. In there, Princess Arena is the primary PvP mode in this game, and it will be shown to the players once they clear the stage 8 to 15. So it will not be available for many of the gamers on the global server so that we will continue our PvP teaming with Battle arena.

In the Battle Arena, we suggest using these heroes as your teaming to win through the game. Here are the tips on teaming.

Monika and Kokoro

In each of the teams in battle arenas, we suggest you use Monika or koroko to your gameplay as these heroes are the speediest and powerful ones in the total Princess Connect Re: Dive game tier list. These two characters are the speed buffers to the whole of the game, and they will be the only ones available within the whole game to have such kinds of characteristics.

Monica’s and Kororo’s speed maters to the gameplay as they are helpful to gacha games. The speed will cause to affect how fast you are going to kill enemies, and it will be beneficial for you to avoid the attacks.


Rima will be very special to the teaming for PvP as she is highly capable of clustering the units. If you choose to run her, everyone in the game will be crowded. So, as a result of her clustering ability towards the units, you will take the chances to hit a massive kind of boarders on your opponents, and it would be a big deal for you. Rima will be the best out of the best when she gets the six-star on her character and will be the best tank to deal with.


Miyako will not be the most potent tier available in Princess Connect Re: Dive, but she is the most popular tank available in this game. She runs through the gameplay with a broad type of defensive skills in a team and has more significant physical defensive skills to protect her crew. When choosing Miyako, be more concerned about the magic attacks as those can destroy her to death.

Reno and Yuki

Reno will be so good at physical damages to opponents in PvP, and Yuki has some of the gamers’ likes due to her ability to blind. She is highly capable of blinding her opponents and do justice for the PvP battles. Yuki is known to be the best tier available in the gameplay of Princess Connect Re: Dive.

Mitsuki and Shinobu

Rather than using Miyako, Mitsuki will be great to handle a PvP battle, and she is capable of providing the buffs in the future. Her insane defensive skills will protect the team at any cost, and so as her curse. Shinobu is the highest rating tier available in this game so using her also would not be a bad situation for the entire PvP.

How to engage in PvP smoothly?

Many of the gacha games like this will be stuck with machines due to their lack of CPU memory status and usage. So there should be a clear ram space and a dedicated CPU to do the game pay. But with LDPlayer, you have no worries to remain with you, and you have to follow some simple tricks to increase those two things as follows.

  • Download the LDPlayer and install it on your PC
  • In the settings, select advanced, and there will be an option for you to change the value of your PC or the table holds.
  • By choosing the option, determine the CPU value and the ram value of your current machine
  • Then enjoy the smoothest game by the LDPlayer.


So far, LDPlayer will be the most fantastic and best android emulator for PC to use in the game of Princess connect as it can increase the performance and the gameplay smoother than ever. No more problems on stuck, and you have to enjoy the greatest feelings with Princess Connect Re Dive. Rather than using a tiny screen, why not choose LDPlayer to make your gaming experience higher? LDPlayer the free android emulator, the lightest emulator in the market, many times optimization make it the best choice for players to play a variety of games, there are many useful functions. So, don’t be hesitate to try it!


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