Reviewing Joytutus Portable Refrigerator For Car – 18L (20 Quart)


We all want convenience, and we require it everywhere, even in our cars. Well, there can not be a better relaxation than having a refrigerator comfort in your car. This great benefit, nonetheless, does not exist in your car, but with a few of plugins in your car, you can get this done.

Car refrigerators or freezers are designed with the greatest idea of being able to get a freezer for your products while you travel or moving around with your car. The principle behind the car refrigerator is similar to the actual refrigerator, but only with the few changes in design & the body structure. Basically, car freezers or refrigerators is a small-sized refrigerator.

So now that you have decided to buy yourself one, you would be looking for the best car refrigerator in the market which is undoubtedly a very tough job. So to save your time and help you make the right choice, here is the review of the Joytutus Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler – 18L (20 Quart)

portable refrigerator for car


  • Fast Freeze
  • Battery Protection
  • High Energy Compressor
  • LCD Digital Screen
  • Environmental Friendly Refrigerant
  • Low Noise
  • Gives You 1 Year Warranty

What Specification You Get With Joytutus Portable Refrigerator

Item Weight26.9 pounds
External Dimensions57 x 32 x 28.5 cm (22*13*11 inches)
Inside Dimensions35 x 24.6 x 20.4 cm (14*10*8 inches)
Capacity18 Liters (20 Quart)
Noise45 dB
Included ComponentsAC adapter & DC power cable & Insulation Case
Joytutus Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler

How is Joytutus Portable Refrigerator is Better Than Our Household Refrigerator?

You can not use a household refrigerator while you are driving and in your car. This is because of the various reasons like the temperature, place of cooling, and protection.

1. Electromagnetic Interference – Unlike our household coolers, car cooler do not interfere with electromagnetic of the other electronic products in the car. On top of this, it does not affect the normal use of automobile battery.

2. Car coolers are good for road trips and bumpy rides. Car refrigerator are ideal for trips made to mountain areas as they have good anti-seismic performance

3. Joytutus’s car refrigerator comes with anti-reversal performance. This means when the car cooler is used, a slight tilt will not affect the work. It will automatically will stop after 45 degress.

Vehicle fridges can include self-driving delight, refrigerate new food, play outdoors grill, guarantee travel wellbeing, and store bosom milk drugs in great quality.

Joytutus Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler – 18L (20 Quart) Review: Is It Really Efficient? Does Portable Refrigerator Really Work?

Well in our review, Joytutus Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler stands out. It’s worth mentioning that as compared to other car cooler might have little higher price but we can definitely say that it works! Joytutus offer quite good range of portable refrigerators – Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler – 18L (20 Quart), Portable Refrigerator Fridge Car Cooler – 25L (26 Quart), Portable Refrigerator Fridge Electric Compressor Car Cooler – 50L (53 Quart), Portable Refrigerator Fridge Electric Compressor Car Cooler – 40L (42 Quart) and few more. Joytutus car cooler with capacity 18L (20 Quarts) is ideal for events like RVs, campsites, boats, camping, fishing, road trips, and many outdoor activities. You can fit the 20-qt freezer at back of your car or van and can take it to any outdoor activity. We also figured that these car refrigerators can be used indoors – in your backyard for a party or any occasion with the help of attached wall adapter.

Joytutus Car Refrigerator

Once you receive your packet from Joytutus, you get these things in your order – 1 car refrigerator, 1 user manual, 1 cigarette lighter connector, 1 wall adapter, 1 heavy duty kraft carton. Company also offers a year long warranty and lifetime friendly lifetime service for any defects or issues covered. We just feel that the look and appearance can improve.

This large storage car cooler sports an aluminum alloy in their aluminum chamber. We would lik to highlight their fast cooling feature which is very easy to go from 77℉ to 32℉ within just 15 minutes. Ideal to store all fresh foods and cold items like – drinks, vegetables, dairy products and cheese kinda stuff. Given a fast cooling feature, you don’t have to worry on the energy consumption – you can keep your food and drinks cold for a real long time even after disconnecting from the power source. Cooler (12/24V DC and 110-240 AC) battery-powered with garage or divider outlet to make it move flawlessly from home to vehicle to objective with no impediment of static electrical force sources.

It has a serious Wancool blower inherent, which can help the vehicle cooler refrigerate rapidly and keep the temperature liberated from ice. Great thing – Cooling time is 10 hours! The cooling temperature is as high as – 4 and the most extreme temperature is 50. It’s a cooler or cooler – not two simultaneously. At the point when the cooler arrives at the most minimal temperature, the blower will quit working.

Low voltage assurance and memory work, When the battery voltage drops, the force will be killed naturally. The memory work doesn’t need resetting the temperature when the force is turned on once more. The shockproof configuration empowers the cooler for vehicles to withstand unforgiving conditions. The cooler box is rough, doesn’t make any clamor, and was intended for experience.


Yes! It is easy and efficient to use. In our review, Joytutus portable refrigerator for car has totally come out as an one of the essential utility tools. We recommend it to everyone who’s looking for a car freezer which is low in energy consumption, has fast cooling, multifunctional design and outperforms as portable refrigerator for indoor use. With a longer USB cable and shipping to few more countries – this product would be a greater hit!


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