Is Aptoide Really a Good App For Android?


Android is a large operating system, used by many phone brands as its operating system. Normally, when you own a new Android device, CH Play is available on your computer or has an accompanying file for you to install. However, not all devices are the same. There are many reasons why your device may not have Google Play, the most common reason being that your device is not registered with Google. Some other reasons are that devices are from China and are not granted access to the Google Play Store, your phone uses an Android-based operating system, not native Android. At that time, you can completely replace Google Play with another app store, Aptoide with the same richness and great features. So is Aptoide good for Android?

The Basic Features of Aptoide

Abundant application store

Aptoide is an application store that includes many small stores. Here you can easily find everything suitable for your phone version from applications, games, wallpapers,…

Aptoide is an application store that includes many small stores/Ph.apkmagic

However, Aptoide does not have security Bounce like Google Play, so some software may contain dangers of security and security that you do not know beforehand.

Easy to use

Aptoide is easy to use, you can search and manage all installed applications. This application has the same installation speed as Google Play, manages versions through Rollback.

Products that are described in general, copied over the speaker, rushed from Google Play make it very difficult for users to identify which software is reliable. To minimize that worry, Aptoide also places a blue label next to the name of the official app.

Some Errors That Aptoide Encounter

According to AndroidPolice, the first attack was discovered on April 17, with the number of duplicated accounts of up to 39 million and 20 million of which were posted publicly online as evidence. Revealed information includes email address, encrypted SHA-1 password, name, birthday, account status, and IP address since the last login.

If they have an administrator account, the hacker will gain a developer login token.

It was Aptoide who spoke up and published larger figures with initial reports when 49 million user accounts were affected. However, nearly 32 million of these people log in using their Google or Facebook accounts, so they don’t reveal their passwords. The rest of the accounts use the password hash (an encryption method) SHA-1, a security algorithm that is no longer safe today.

In May 2019, some sources said Huawei negotiated with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store on its devices due to a trade ban from the US. At that time, Aptoide had more than 900,000 software for Android.

Aptoide is Not For Everyone

Aptoide is not for everyone because unregulated content/

While Aptoide has fast download speeds and easy file management. But Aptoide is not for everyone because unregulated content makes it difficult for users to choose good and safe software. Every time you download an app from the Aptoide application market, you need to consider and consider it. Consider the necessary assessments to avoid being used by bad guys.

Knowing that nothing can be perfect, Aptoide has a number of bugs that make users feel uncomfortable.  But we should also think about the benefits it brings.  For me the utility is definitely bigger than the small bugs.  And Aptoide service provider will definitely find a way to fix the error.

Aptoide is not a popular app but it is very popular, there are many stores and useful applications when the Android operating system on your phone does not have CH Play. It can be said that Aptoide is a good application for Android. There are many errors that Aptoide has caused users in the past. But I firmly believe that Aptoide’s provider will increasingly improve this app better to bring the best experience to users. So, with the content above, the reader has an idea of ​​what Aptoide is, and the outstanding features of this application, what Aptoide usually contains. Hopefully this article will provide you with useful information to make the right choices.


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