Reviewing Custombobblehead’s Exclusive Bobble head Range – The Perfect Gifting Choice.

CustomBobblehead Reviews
CustomBobblehead Reviews

Hello readers! We review products on various niches, which include lifestyle, gadgets, technology. However, this week, we have something interesting to review. Well, in today’s post, we would be reviewing bobbleheads. We would also be sharing with our readers about our shopping experience. So let’s get started! 

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion, you would like to make your beloved ones feel special. This is why you would want to buy them a present and surprise them. Gifts are boxes of joy that spread around delight and they are loved by all, whether it be adults or kids. Why are we talking about gifts and what got us to pen down this post is what you might ask? Well, it so happened that it was my parent’s silver jubilee and along with friends and family members had organized.

Along with my siblings, we hopped from store to store in search of the perfect gift. However, I failed to find one. This was when a colleague of mine gave the idea of purchasing them a Custom bobblehead

The idea sounded convincing, and so we were referred to purchase the bobblehead from We browsed their site and were quite surprised by their product range and precise work. After checking custom bobblehead’s reviews We placed your order for two bobbleheads through email. The email was returned with a reply from the company’s end who provided us with a customer support executive. Right from the stage of versing us about the company to guiding us through selecting the custom bobblehead, the executive allotted to us proved to be of great help. I wanted a couple’s bobblehead made in a signature pose of our parents. At the same time, my sibling wanted to gift them individual bobbleheads that reflected their style. To help us finalize the sweet executive asked us to opt for a bobblehead set that would comprise both single and couple bobbleheads. 

However, we were unsure about it as it might cost us a fortune, but the executive assured that it would fall in line with the budget. Having her assurance, we placed an order for the bobblehead set and were informed that the company would deliver it within a week. When we looked at the billing amount, we were quite surprised as it was in our budget. Also we were given a discount of 10%, which helped us save on a few bucks.

It had been only 10 days since we had placed the order when we received it on the 11th day. A day in advance, we received our bobbleheads. The bobbleheads arrived in a box that was neatly wrapped with a purple wrapping. On top of the box, we found a cute little note from the company which thanked us for giving them a chance to serve us. However, we wanted to surprise our parents with the bobbleheads on their anniversary but to be sure that it was what we had ordered , decided to open the packaging. We unwrapped the box and opened it to find three bobbleheads placed neatly on miniature cushions. On the flap of the box was attached to the photographs that we had sent to them to create the bobbleheads. Our first take on the bobble head was that we were pretty impressed by its precision and resemblance to the picture. The company remained true to their words and supplied us with bobbleheads that looked like our parents’ miniature versions. It seemed to us that if someone breathed life in the bobbleheads, they would be our mini parents. We were super happy with the experience. When we gifted the bobble head to our parents, they were on cloud nine. There could not have been any better gift than these cute little bobbleheads.

Although it was the first time that we had ordered from, but right from the stage of ordering to delivery, we were pretty amazed by their impeccable service. Indeed the company achieves a cent percent of customer satisfaction. So if you have a unique occasion approaching, gift your loved ones with bobbleheads by
Have you also purchased bobbleheads, or are you planning to buy one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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