Reviewing Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac – Burn DVD With Just 3 Steps on Mac


Many of the mac users don’t find iDVD- Apple’s official tool for DVD burning, capable and powerful enough to perform their basic DVD burning tasks. But, it does come with lots of restrictions & complications. Apple has also discontinued the development for iDVD. So, all the mac users now have a situation and are desperately looking for an alternative to iDVD. Good news, Cisdem Company has launched an iDVD alternative called Cisdem DVD burner. The launched product helps you burn any video or audio to DVD & can even personalize it with the given possible menus & subtitles. As per the details, the Cisdem DVD burner is much more powerful than iDVD, it offers stronger functionality. You can access to the software through the link –

There are several DVD burners available in the market which you can use to burn your DVDs. But, its quite difficult to find DVD burner for Mac in the internet. Now over the entire article we’ll be reviewing & find out where actually this software stands. Read on to read the entire review.

What will CISDEM DVD Burner do for your MAC?

Cisdem offers you the DVDBurner which burns your DVD on Mac with audios, Videos, Subtitles, & menu. With CISDEM, You can basically burn any DVD on your Mac. The major contrast between any other DVD burner and Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac is that it’s great with the number of functions it provide and quality. Unlike iDVD, having lots of restriction Cisdem DVD burner also support videos downloaded from the internet, or recorded by Camcorder, your phone or any other device. The CISDEM DVD burner supported video format list is huge. To be practical, you can burn any video format with this DVD burner.


  • Burning Quality & Speed

Cisdem DVD Burner has an amazing and fast Burning process. It performs all the tasks quicker than many other DVD Burners available in the market. We found that Cisdems’s DVD burner works on multi-core processing & multitasking burning technology, resulting in much quicker process. We observed that there was no degradation in audio or video quality. Unlike other DVD burners that reduce the quality during the burning process, while on other hand Cisdem DVD Burner stands out because of its final outcome – no change in video & audio quality. It also comes with a real-time preview option which is available to ensure the quality of DVD before you burn. You can ensure the video quality through previews of video & menu.

  • Video Editing & Customization

Cisdem’s DVD burner for Mac not just enables you with the basic functionality of burning a DVD but also offers advance things like video editing options. You can enhance your choice of video by rotating, cropping, trimming & adding special effects to your video. You can easily rotate and add personalized watermark to it. And this is not it – you get to see a real-time preview to your vide before start burning a video which we thing is a great job done and a must have feature. Below are few brief features to the video edition option.

  • Rotate, Crop, Trim the videos
  • Add special effects to your video
  • Add Watermark with effects
add dvd
Cisdem DVD Burner for MAC Review
  • Supported video and audio formats

Supported Video Formats – iTunes Video(M4V), MKV, DVR, MJPEG Video (MJPG, MJPEG), MPG Video(MPG, MPEG, M2V, MPA), MP4, MPV, NUT, NSV, Quick Time Video(MOV, QT), Raw Video (H261, H263, H264), Real Video(RM, RMVB), AU, (S)VCD Video(DAT), Video Transport Stream(TS, T2, M2T), WMV, YUV, MOD, TOD, VRO, AMV, DIVX, ISO and many more.

Supported Audio Formats – AAC, AC3, AIFF, APE, FLAC, MP3, MP2, M4A, OGG, WAV, WMA, MKA

  • Add subtitles and audio tracks

Well, if you working on DVD burn on Mac, you will also need to add subtitles along with the music & video. The captions are added to add your feelings in the video, and furthermore in different dialects to add the availability of your video. The captions are caused to assist the watchers with comprehension the to feel of the video if the music is off. With Cisdem DVDBurner you can add the captions easily. You can just relocate the captions or sound tracks to recount your story better.

  • Templates

By tapping on the “Menu” button you can call up different formats, advantageous for making exemplary DVD introduction menus on the fly. For each imported clasp it is conceivable to relate catches and the last can be proceeded onward the screen (what will end up being the default menu of the plate) voluntarily. It is conceivable to change the state of the default catches (round, square and others with different impacts), just as totally deactivate the underlying menu (simply pick the “No menu” choice). Formats can be modified in different manners by changing, for instance, the foundation picture, the default fastens, the places of the last for reviewing cuts, and so forth.

How Much Does The Tool Cost?

Cisdem DVD Burner can be used under a free trial before your place an order. Even after you place an order, you still hold a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee upon satisfactory issues. You payments are secured. The software can be purchased based on your requirement i.e no. of Mac you want to use the software with. Company is selling the licenses starting from single Mac license, followed by 2 Mac, and 5 Mac. The license is valid for lifetime, there’s no need to renew or subscribe based on tenure.

  • Individual Lifetime License for 1 Mac  – $49.99
  • Individual Lifetime License for 2 Macs – $74.99
  • Business Lifetime License for 1 Mac – starts for $64.99

All the plans offers 30 Day money back guarantee. Each license is Norton and McAfee Secured.


To conclude, if you are looking for a DVD burner for Mac that doesn’t hampers your video or audio quality, Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac is the right choice for you. With Cisdem, you don’t compromise with the quality, you pay for the quality, features and options which are not available with any other DVD burner software. The burning process is smooth, the speed is good, the interface is very customer friendly & the real time preview is just outstanding.


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