Moving Checklist
Moving Checklist

Moving is one of the most stressful life events that people experience in their lifetime. It comes with a lot of tasks to do in a short duration. When you have to juggle with a lot of things then it is quite normal to commit a mistake or mishap occurs.it is recommended by the experts that one should first prepare a moving house checklist when relocating to a new house. This would help them prevent any major shortcomings as they work on their home relocation project. The least amount of mistakes you commit, the more pleasant the moving process will be. Therefore you should try your best not to commit mistakes and to have a smoother moving process. 

  • Procrastinating packing: When moving, an individual thinks that packing the stuff is an easy task and therefore, they use to procrastinate the process of packing till the last date of moving which cause hotchpotch in the house. Hence, to avoid such delay, one should do proper planning of what to pack or when to pack and can also make a checklist when moving out. You should start packing at least two months before the move and start packing with the materials which do not use frequently like pack the seasonal items at first. 
  • Improper research of moving company: Some people hire a moving company for moving process. But if one does not properly research a moving company, then it can cost you more as some companies can be unreliable, can also, steal your belongings, and also do not possess appropriate license. Therefore, to escape from this nightmare one should properly search about the reviews and reputation of a particular moving company. Spend enough time in knowing details about a company before you hand over all your stuff to them. 
  • Inappropriate estimation of cost of moving: If it is the first time when you decide to move then you might have to deal with the problem of improper calculation of moving cost as the moving company might charge a higher amount than required. So, one should get accurate estimates of moving from different companies by giving them details about the volume of your belongings and the distance to be covered. Then select that quoted price that is reasonable for you. While it is important to choose a company not merely on the budget, you should also consider the moving cost. 
  • Forgetting items and packing unwanted items: One of the most common mistakes that one makes when moving is that they forget to pack some of the essential items and, they pack some unwanted and useless stuff. Thus, to avoid such silly mistakes one should prepare a checklist of items to be moved out and if you are moving out with your family then ask them to pack their stuff accordingly. If you don’t get rid of the items then you should be ready to pay higher to movers and should also be ready to put higher efforts into packing, loading, and the entire move. 
  • Forgetting to label inventory boxes: It can become much harder and more exhausting when you are about to unpack your possessions at the new place and finds out that you don’t recognize which box possesses which items as the boxes are not labeled with the names of belongings consisting in them. So, to save your energy while loading, handling, and unpacking, one should properly label the inventory boxes. It is recommended you label from the top as well as from the two sides so that you can see the labeling even when the items are stacked and you can’t read from the top of the boxes. 
  • Not getting relevant insurance: During the process of moving, there are chances that you might face the loss of your belongings due to breakage and if one ignores having the right insurance at the time of hiring movers, then it will cost you more. Therefore, select that moving company that provides you relevant insurance at the time of moving so that you don’t have to worry about the damage of the products during transportation. 
  • Not saving your moving receipts: If you have a habit of throughout the receipts of all the purchases of products and services during the moving process then this can make you regret it later. Save all the receipts which could help save tax later. So, don’t forget to save the receipts for later. 
  • Don’t pack an essential bag: For the moving day, you should have a duffel small bag ready with your essential items, documents, and important items which you can’t afford to lose. You should start packing this bag a lot of days before the move. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

A common misconception about the moving process is that it is straightforward and an easier process and they just left everything at the last moment making the entire process difficult and costing you huge. This is one of the biggest mistakes that a person has to do while moving. Above written mistakes are the most common, try to avoid these to have a successful move. 


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