Must-Have Apps to Help You Stay Connected While Travelling


    The world is not out of the woods yet regarding the coronavirus pandemic. For those that have survived this far, we can only hope for a better tomorrow. There is nothing we can yearn for more than a return to the ‘normal’ we were used to.

    Countries are making big strides in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, social distancing restrictions and lockdowns are being eased. Over 50% of the global travel destinations have eased traveling restrictions already. This means we will return to traveling for business or otherwise, soon.

    This post serves to remind you of the importance of staying connected. It is crucial now more than ever to be well prepared with the right tools and gadgets before stepping out of the house. Here are five easy but necessary ways to stay connected while traveling.

    Portable Wifi Hotspots

    ‘Staying connected’ can mean many different things today. However, the generally accepted definition is having constant access to the Internet. If you are traveling outside your country, the most cost-effective way to maintain an internet connection is to buy or rent a mobile hotspot.

    The best thing about a mobile hotspot is that you can connect all your devices at once. If you are traveling with company, they will also be able to share the connection seamlessly.

    Best Gadgets for Mobile Hotspot

    Skyroam Solis and HippocketWifi are two of the most popular mobile hotspot gadgets you can buy or rent today. They both provide high-speed Internet in a small palm-sized gadget.

    Get the chance to catch up with all your loved ones, check social media and office emails, and even play games on the go. With a good connection, you even have the chance to play fun and rewarding casino games on leovegas india earn money to use on your trip.

    Phone and Video and Text Chat Apps

    Would you believe it that there was a time you had to buy an expensive calling plan from your service provider to use VoIP? Today, wherever you go in the world, chances are you will still be able to send chat messages to your loved ones at nominal prices.

    Technology has come a long way, and the market offers a multitude of messaging and voice calling options. WhatsApp is the world’s king when it comes to text messaging.

    For video calls, you can have Zoom, Google Duo, FaceTime, or Skype installed on your phone. These services provide reliable video and voice calling anywhere you have a good internet connection.

    Location Sharing App

    Your loved ones will worry less about you if they know where you are at crucial times. Location-sharing apps are handy for sharing your location as well as planning meetups.

    Most social media apps such as Facebook have this feature, but it would not be safe to use them. You would not want your location broadcasted to the entire world, would you?

    Wave is the most dependable location-sharing app in the market today. This app allows you to share your location temporarily on a private map. It also comes with voice and text messaging features, group location sharing, and the ability to set meeting points.

    Power Banks and Charging Adapters

    Power banks sprung into existence as electronic devices became necessary when traveling. Since you can never be sure of finding power mains to plug in your devices while on the road, a power bank is an essential backup.

    When choosing a power bank, the most important consideration is the capacity of the batteries. The right power bank should be able to store enough power to recharge your phone from 0 to 100% at least three times over.

    The nominal power capacity of a power storage device is 10,000 mAh. It is also recommended that it comes with a charging adapter to make it usable in any country you travel to in the world.

    Bottom Line

    While most of the world is relaxing traveling restrictions and a semblance of everyday life begins to appear, caution is paramount. Proper planning for your trip and arming yourself with the right tools will also help keep you safer from COVID-19. With your own gadgets, you will not need to borrow unless necessary.


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