Taking A Look At The Best Options For Image Converter Software

image converter software
image converter software

Taking a look at some of today’s top options for image converter software available. How to find the right product to fit your conversion needs.

Having trouble opening certain image files?

It might be because your device can’t support the image’s file type. This can become a slight inconvenience or a major obstacle in your path depending on what you’ll use the image for. For this reason, having a good image converter software at the ready can make things easier for you.

Image conversion is an underrated tool that can help you in different ways. It can help you compress your images to prevent them from interfering with your website’s loading speed. You can also convert them into the right file type to make your marketing strategy seamless.

Which conversion software should you install, though? Read on to learn about the best image converters online. Find the best software that fits your needs today!

1. BatchPhoto Espresso

BatchPhoto Espresso is a unique image converter software because it works in any OS. It also has many features that most online image converters don’t have. These features combined make this a versatile tool regardless if you’re using Windows or macOS.

It’s also a great tool to use if you want to get a large batch of work done at a time. BatchPhoto stays true to its name and allows you to convert in large batches at once. It even supports multiple downloads and saves them in a ZIP file for you.

2. XnConverter

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile converter, then XnConverter is the tool for you. This can convert between different file formats and can also convert multiple images at the same time. What makes this better than most converters is the control you have over your images.

You can resize, apply and remove filters, and crop the images you’re handling. These settings can also apply to other images in a batch for easy mass-conversions.

The only problem is that you need to know how XnConverter works to become efficient with it. It has a complicated interface that can confuse you if you don’t know what you’re doing. Studying it first or asking someone to guide you on how to use it helps you through the learning curve.

3. SendTo-Converter

If you’re in a rush to convert images and don’t mind using outdated software, pick up SendTo-Converter. This is a good tool to use if you’re busy with other stuff, too. This is because of SendTo-Converter’s automated conversion feature.

This works by setting a default parameter on the software. Once you’ve set them, you can browse the internet as you do on a regular day. If you find an image or set of images you like, you can select them and right-click on them.

You can then send them to the converter to convert them on the go. This works well if you don’t want to open the converter every time you want to change the file formats of images you come across.

4. CoolUtils Online Image Converter Software

If you don’t fancy installing converting software to your device, then you can use CoolUtils instead. This is a converter that you can use online for free. You need not download anything to make this converter work for your device.

You can do basic edits to the images you convert, too. It also allows you to download your converted image right away if you like the results of your conversions.

The only catch is that you have to download the image before you can edit it further. There are also some extra steps to take before you can use the converter. This makes it a useful tool only if you don’t mind uploading and downloading images to and from the website.

5. Zamzar

Being another web-based tool, Zamzar doesn’t need you to download it for you to use it. It also converts your images faster than most conversion websites and software. You can also convert up to 50MB of images in bulk, making it one of the fastest converters available today.

You will then get a link to the processed images on your email for your convenience. The only problem is that you need to download your images one at a time. This is the case even if you converted them as a group.

6. Preview

Preview comes free with every Mac. All you need to do to access it is to sign in with your iCloud account use Preview. From here, your device will tell you how you can use Preview and navigate the interface.

Preview is a software focused on PDFs and editing them. With the right know-how, though, you can change PDF to JPG, another image file format.

Converting PDF to JPG helps you edit these images without affecting the entire PDF. You then revert it to a PDF once again to integrate it into the file.

7. DVDVideoSoft’s Free Image Converter and Resize

If you’re only looking to do basic resizing and conversion to your images, then this is the best software to use. The interface is easy enough to understand that even newbies can convert without encountering problems.

This converter gets constant updates from its developers. It means that it supports whatever the most popular formats are for images as you use it.

If you want to use this, though, prepare yourself for extra software. The converter needs to install other software for it to become functional. These programs aren’t detrimental to your device but can surprise you if you’re not prepared.

8. Adapter

With an interface that anyone can understand and a simple drag-and-drop function, Adapter is the best converter to use if you’re getting into image conversion for the first time. It also comes with features that make conversion easier and your images look better. This is useful if you don’t want Google to compress your photos.

You can also compile different image sequences into a video. This helps you view them in succession to find unconverted images. You can also use this to root out images that aren’t up to your standards.

Image Conversion Made Simple Today

Converting images helps you keep the detail of your files as you upload them to the internet. Find the right image converter software for you today!

Interested in finding out about more conversion software? Check out our website today to find more reviews that cover not only image converters but other gadgets and products!


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