Signs That Show You Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Signs & Symptoms
Bed Bugs Signs & Symptoms

At one point or the other, a homeowner will face problems from different destructive pests like rats, cockroaches, and even flies. Although this may be avoided by keeping a clean environment, pests are very persistent and may find their way into homes either way. One of the major pests that can be found in a home is a bed bug. Bed bugs hide out in discrete spaces like beds, piping, couches, headboards, and so on. They are very dangerous to the human person since they feed on blood; hence they bite on the skin of their victim. Their bites usually have negative impacts on a person’s health and may cause skin rashes or possibly allergic reactions.

Due to the unpleasant effects bed bugs have, there is an immediate need to get rid of them before any damage is done. There are pest control companies like Bed Bug Exterminator LA King | Pest Control in Los Angeles CA that is dedicated to doing this. While it is clear to a person that extermination is necessary, a person might not know when he or she has bedbugs in the home. However, here are some of the signs that a person might possibly be dealing with a bed bug infestation:

Unpleasant Musty Smell

Bed bugs are one of the living organisms that tend to give off the distinct scent for different occasions. For instance, they emit a certain chemical compound popularly referred to as alarm pheromone when they feel threatened. The pheromone emitted radiates a damp foul smell. If a person notices such a smell in the house, especially around the mattress, it could be a sign that he or she is suffering a bed bug infestation.

Bed Sheets Stained with Blood

Bed bugs are often found in the hidden corners of furniture like beds or couches. When they take refuge in beds, they tend to crawl up and bite a person when he or she is sleeping. Due to the fact that most people tend to move around during sleep, a person may crush some of the bed bugs in the bed. This can cause blood stains on the sheet. So, if an originally uninjured person notices tiny blood spots on his or her bed, then there is a chance that the person may be harboring bed bugs.

Waking Up with Itchy Red Spots

If a person wakes up and notices he or she has red spots or rashes that are throbbing uncomfortably, the chances are that a bed bug has bitten the person during sleep. The spots that are formed from a bed bug bite are quite peculiar. They are usually not just reddish but also bumpy with a dark center. Any spot like this on a person’s skin is a cause for alarm.

The Pattern of a Skin Rash

A person may develop a rash for different reasons. It could be an allergic reaction to something that has been applied to the skin, it may be a symptom of an underlying condition, or it may be the effect of bites from organisms like mosquitoes or bed bugs. Nevertheless, the rash pattern caused by a bed bug is quite odd, so it may be easily distinguished. Studies have shown that a bed bug bite or resulting rash is usually along a linear line on the skin. What this means is that, if a person notices any rash of this pattern, he or she may have bed bugs in the house.

Brown Spots on Furniture or Walls

Bed bugs, like every other living thing, excrete waste material. Their waste materials are usually dark brown, and since they move about slowly in their hiding spots, they tend to defecate around them hence leaving the brown stains. Once a person notices dark brown spots in an unusual pattern around a bed or even walls, there is a high possibility that the person already has bedbugs. Sometimes, a person may even find tiny shells around these same areas. This is because the bed bugs shed their exoskeleton from time to time. 

Know Someone Who is Infested

Although bed bugs can’t fly, they have their ways of moving from one place to another. Aside from slowly crawling into pipes, they may work their way into bags and boxes. This means that if someone’s friend or neighbor has bed bugs, he or she may end up getting them irrespective of how clean his environment is.

Once a person notes any or all of these signs, it is imperative to contact a pest control company for inspection. The inspection will confirm the presence of bed bugs in the home, after which the company will move on to complete the removal of the pest so as to restore the home to a safe environment.


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