Zoom Video Call App Blooms As The Best & Demanded Virtual Meeting App.

Zoom Virtual App - The Best & Demanded Virtual Meeting App.
Zoom Virtual App - The Best & Demanded Virtual Meeting App.

Nowadays, where the world is facing a great challenge of Coronavirus all the countries have done lock down to save the life of the people. Due to this reason almost all the small business organisation are going through losses and the big industries or organisations have made it mandatory for the employees to work from home online. So now-a –days , video conferencing are becoming popular for board meetings to discuss about any issue. There are various video conferencing application like zoom, skype for business, join gotomeeting, ring central etc. But zoom virtual meeting app has gained a lot of popularity in the last one month.


Given the world known condition, coronavirus. Zoom is the most popular virtual meeting or video conferencing app because it is reliable and user-friendly app which has the capability of handling meeting which can involve up to 100 people together in a video-conferencing meeting. This limit is available in free version only. If more people are needed in any video-conferencing business meeting then paid business packages have to be purchased which will bring with it various other features. In most of the cases it is observed that the basic version or free package of zoom meeting is sufficient.It is easily available in google play store and Apple ios app store. Everyone in the last few months has started downloading and installing it. But there are some limitations like it is best for huge board meetings but not for individual needs because then it can be done by whatsapp video call and many others are there. Moreover another defect is that the zoom free video call app does not last for more than 40 minutes. It is cheaper than other video call app.

Zoom is easily available in google play store and Apple ios app store. Everyone around the world has started downloading and installing the app in the last few months. Zoom has been helpful in networking with people who live in different countries. You can hold meetings with entrepreneurs from New Zealand, Germany, or Japan.

Good news: You would be able to hold a meeting with that Japanese businessman whom you want to partner with and successfully negotiate your deal.

Bad news: You would be able to hold a meeting with that Japanese businessman whom you want to partner with… and you don’t speak any Japanese.

Fear not, due to high usage of Zoom meetings, many translation services now offer Zoom interpretation. This allows you to communicate with people you wouldn’t normally be able to, either due to distance or language. Zoom interpretation can be done live or post-edit. Live zoom interpretation can either be consecutive or simultaneous. Post-edit Zoom interpretation can come in the form of embedding closed captions, adding subtitles, or translating transcripts.


There are some steps which needs to be followed for continuing zoom video call app are as follows:

  1. Firstly you need to connect the web cam of your laptop but if in case of desktop there is no webcam then you have to add a webcam to your set up for further process.
  2. Then you have to sign up in zoom account by visiting the site http://zoom.us/ and tap on sign up button on the upper right button of the page. After that you have to give your registered mail id and it will sent you a confirmation mail in your provided id . Next you need to tap on the account activation link. Moreover it will guide you about how to keep secure your account by providing a password.
  3. Now you can use your newly created account by entering mail id and password for downloading the zoom client . The main software which you have to download is provided in the upper side of the page . It also offer  extensions for chrome and Mozilla firebox.There are also various mobile app that you can download on your android or apple phone.
  4. After the installation of zoom client for meetings you have to run it in your laptop or desktop, then you have to sign in with your registered mail id and password.You can also ask people to join the meeting by taping invite button through sending emails from the app.
  5. You can easily schedule a meeting zoom app.At the first screen you have to tap on the schedule button then fill in the details like date time and topic of discussion in the meeting.
  6. There are various ways of becoming a member in a virtual meeting by clicking on the invitation link which is sent through email or by providing meeting id or personal link shared you .
How to Record Zoom Meeting on PC, iPhone


One of the most important feature of zoom video call app is its file sharing feature through chat feature of the zoom. Moreover you can also send any reaction like thumbs up or clapping emoji.

One who is the host of the meeting can record the video of the meeting by tapping on the record button which is present at the bottom of the screen. Any other participant of the meeting can only do this, with the permission of the host.

The most distinctive feature of the zoom video call app is that it offers the host of the meeting to form break-out rooms which ultimately helps to hold several sessions at the single video conference.It can hold a maximum of 50 sessions in the same video meeting. The host create break out zones by splitting all the members of the meeting into separate sessions through manually or automatically. Moreover it also helps  to switch people among sessions at any time.


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