The Different Classes of WoW classic explained


As one of the most popular games ever, WoW Classic is something that can keep you hooked for a long time. The engrossing content, the richness of the engine and the visuals, makes it a spellbinding game that offers all the thrills that one can ever get playing games. Individuals desirous of playing WoW Classic need to know all about classes to get started. As a player who will roleplay one of the classes, it is essential that individuals understand all that is required to know about the classes to choose one for the game. The WoW classic leveling guide offers detailed information about the classes and helps you to optimize your playing potential.

Druid – The role of the druid is to ensure that the balance of nature is protected. Regarded as the best shapeshifters, Druids are known to take on the shape of literally any animal for the purpose of assisting players. Every Druid has four different specialization – Balance, Guardian, Restoration and Feral. Interestingly each specialization gives the Druid an ability to cast a spell differently. 

Hunter – hailing from different backgrounds, such as trackers and tamers, apart from being the sharpest marksmen, Hunters are different from other classes in one dimension. While other classes cast spells, Hunters are the only class that actually get to use arrows, bullet to cause hurt. Additionally, Hunters also possess the ability to tame animals which are then controlled and trained to assist during battle and also to ensnare enemies through devious traps. 

Mage – Experts in the art of magic, Mages belong to a unique category of classes that date back to possibly the longest time among others. Possessing rich acumen, in addition to being one of the most powerful, Mages have the ability to attack enemies with the power of magic and also to cast spells that can incinerate their enemies with deadly fire magic. Additionally, Mages also have the ability to cause freezing in their enemies with cold frost magic that actually freezes enemies to the bone. 

Paladin – With the label of crusaders for just causes, Paladins belong to a class that treads only on the path of righteousness. This is witnessed in every single activity, including combat, where paladins only assist friends with holy magic, and rely on the power of the Light to throw a curtain of protection on themselves and on allies. Additionally, Paladins are known to wish blessings on allies in an effort to enhance performance. 

Priest – This class relies on the holy powers to assist friends, while using the same power to wield and attack foes. This class possesses three different specializations – Holy, Discipline and Shadow. These three different specializations offer different powers to the class and are used in appropriate scenarios. For instance, discipline and Holy are specializations related to healing. 

Rogue – True to their name, Rogues belong to class that indulges in all things associated with the description. For instance, theft, spying, assassinating, and poisoning are some of the different actions employed by rogues. This class also has three different specializations namely, Outlaw, Assassination and Subtlety. 

Shaman – This class possesses what is known as elemental magic powers and are inclined to seek alignment with the Elements. Shamans are known to summon water power for restoration of wounds and to heal friends in the battlefield. Shamans are also known to use these restorative powers to empower friends in combat. This class has three different specializations – Elemental, Enhancement and Restoration that are used effectively while dealing with foes.

Warlock – This class is known to find opportunity everywhere and are famous for casting spells that summon shadow and destructive forces. This is used to work on the enemies by gradually depriving them of lives, and to simultaneously cover them with an army of evil monsters. This class has three different specializations – Affliction Demonology and Destruction that are used against foes.

Warrior – This class, true to the classification is one of the most potent on the battlefield. With complete mastery of weapons and known to have bloodlust, warriors are at the forefront in defending the weak. Hailed as a class with great strength and determination, the warriors have a reputation of dealing with foes with as much strength and power as necessary. This class has three different specializations – Arms, Protection and Fury.


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