5 Business Tools That are Perfect For Working From Home

work from home business tools
work from home business tools

Covid-19 has forced many businesses to either adjust or risk being thrown out of the market. If you operate or own a small business, it is increasingly difficult for you because having to adjust to remote working on the fly means adapting to many new business tools and implementing those tools across your entire organization. For example, group messaging has replaced regular office meetings. And conference calls or meetings with clients have been replaced with video conferences and or video calls. Today, these business tools are crucial to keep small businesses afloat and keeping it all business as usual. You need to adopt these business tools into your everyday schedule and learn to utilize them along with remote working. Here are the 5 business tools that are perfect for working from home.

#5- Online Video Conference calls

Online video calls have dominated the business world ever since offices shut down and companies send employees to work from home. Apps and platforms that offer video conference calls have made it very practical and easy to call and hold lengthy meetings on their platforms. Schools and universities have even resorted to these platforms to hold their classes and lessons.

#4- Project Management Tools

Another innovative invention that made working from home much easier is the project management platform. These apps and websites allow companies and small businesses to organize daily activities on their platforms and assign work to their employees. Businesses can organize a whole week’s worth of work and allocate different assignments to different individuals while keeping up with the progress and activity, assigning due dates, and detailed instructions.

#3- Document Sharing Tools

Another necessity for businesses and employees who have resorted to remote working is a way to share documents back and forth in a private and secure way. Thanks to the many document-sharing platforms available, employees can now share documents across their organization without risking the privacy of their work. It is an easy drag and drop procedure, or even as simple as sharing a link to your manager or colleague.

#2- Group Messaging Tools

One of the obstacles in working from home is the inability to communicate with your coworkers in an easy and fluid way. Sometimes emails don’t do the trick because often people don’t respond promptly or don’t see the email at all, until the next day perhaps. But with the several messaging apps and platforms available companies and businesses can set up group chats and communicate as frequently and as freely as they like. It’s like they never left the office!

#1- Third Party Payments

If you are a small business that relied on personal dealings and received most of your payments through cash transfers, then it will be a pretty difficult process to set up a new online payment system on your platform. But with the various third-party payment providers available, all you need to do is set up a profile on their platform, and your customers can pay you directly through them. It’s a payment process made easy!


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