Windstream Business Internet Packages

business internet packages
business internet packages

These days we need a better audience reach in our business. Due to the challenging circumstances caused by COVID19 all around the world, the economy and businesses have suffered a lot. Most of the businesses have completely shut down but they can still operate even if all the physical operations are not happening. You can reach out to people through online platforms. Windstream is one of the very few internet service providers that is offering special packages to support small businesses around the United States you may click and find out  about their discounted packages.

Windstream offers the Kinetic Internet service that will provide you high internet speeds. The packages provided by Windstream vary from address to address. We will list down the most available packages but you might not get all of them as it will depend on your address. We are listing down amazing features of a package that is exclusively offered for business by Windstream internet.

• Internet speed will be up to 1 Gig that will be more than enough for multiple devices.

• You will get one unlimited business line as phone service is also included in the bundle package. 

• You will get a promotional discount on a package of your choice.

• The best and undeniable offer is that you will get 1 month free with them.

• You will also get a static IP address

• The price of the package starts from $75 per month.

Windstream Kinetic Internet Service 

You must know that fiber-optic internet is a new way forward when it comes to an internet connection. The kinetic internet provided by Windstream is a fiber-optic internet. To understand what fiber optic internet is, you need to know about other types of internet. There is DSL internet provided by ISPs that use copper wire and you need an active phone jack to get that kind of internet service, the most popular kind of internet is broadband internet that uses coaxial cable or copper to provide internet service. The fiber-optic is the most advanced type of internet service that uses glass tubes to provide internet service and it offers much stronger internet signals.

Security to stay protected online

One highlighting feature of Windstream internet is its security service. Windstream is one of the few internet service providers in the United States that provides enhanced security plans along with their internet. When you need an internet connection for business purposes the most important thing is to protect your data. Many corrupt websites can damage your devices and your laptops or computers can catch the virus. 

It is important to protect your data, especially for your business purposes. The data for a business is private and confidential, there are many hackers online that can get access to your data and you can lose important information this way. Windstream is an award-winning internet service provider that offers great security packages. You can choose any security plan that suits you better. Stay protected online and keep your data safe from viruses and malicious activities. 

There are additional benefits of Windstream internet for business

You must look into the features and benefits that an internet service provider is providing you. Windstream offers you different internet speed options to choose from that means you will not be restricted to choose one speed you can choose an internet speed according to your requirement.

• Windstream offers internet without any charges for the first 30 days. You can see if it works for your business the way you want or not.

• One of the major concerns is the data limit, if your internet data is restricted it becomes difficult because you are entitled to additional charges if you don’t stay within your data limit. Windstream sets you free from all kinds of worries by providing internet without any data cap. You can have unlimited internet with Windstream.

• Windstream provides a static IP address which means it will stay the same for as long as you keep it. 

• You can get phone service at very affordable rates and unlimited calls for the business line.

• Security is vital for any business, there are many hackers online that can cause serious damage to your data but with Windstream internet, you can protect your data online.

Final Words,

If you want to improve your reach, you can expand your business globally by using the internet as it allows you to reach a global audience. You can choose the latest fiber-optic connection for your business and perform your tasks faster. Windstream offers a promotional discount which means you can get a fast internet connection at affordable prices. You get unlimited internet data and amazing security with them. The only drawback is that they offer their service in only 18 states at the moment.

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