Why You Might Need SSL Security on Your Website

Buy SSL Certificate for Your Website
Buy SSL Certificate for Your Website

There are several reasons as to why you need to buy SSL certificate and use it for your website. These certificates serve as soldiers that would do anything to protect and serve your website from external attacks or internal breaches. They serve a list of functions that will be discussed in this article in detail. SSL certificates come in different sizes, and they all serve different audiences, as will be seen below. Read through:

Types of SSL certificates:

There are three types of SSL certificates. They each serve different audiences but perform a similar function.

First off, there is the Extended Validation (EV SSL). These certificates are suitable for government entities, huge corporates, and all types of businesses. The other SSL type is the Organization Validated certificate (OV SSL). As the name suggests, this type of SSL is suitable for organizations and institutions. Usually, websites with OV SSL display the Organization’s name in the certificate under the ON field.

Lastly, we have the Domain Validated SSL (DV SSL). This type of SSL is suitable for small and medium enterprises that want to expand their reach into the online space. They are the easiest to obtain in comparison with the other two and are also relatively cheaper to acquire.

After deciding on the type of SSL you need for your website, here are some reasons why you need SSL for your website.

  • SSL helps you satisfy PCI/DSS requirements

Another reason why you need to buy an SSL certificate is if you are an ecommerce store owner.  If you are, then you are conversant with PCI terms and conditions. It is a global authority that certifies you to accept payments and credit card details from your clients online. They have twelve primary requirements that you must meet to be a vibrant store; having an SSL certificate is just one of them. It’s important to take PCI developer training online so that you can enhance your technical abilities and take online payments.

Clients also love websites that meet this threshold because they know their information is kept safe, and fraudulent merchants will not misuse it.

 Additionally, in 2018 Google decided to change its algorithms to favor websites with SSL. It flags sites that do not use these certificates by flashing a ‘not secure’ message to visitors that visit these sites. Other popular browsers like Mozilla and Chrome have also followed suit. This shows more reasons to buy an SSL certificate.

  • SSL protects data

SSL certificates are the silver lining amidst all the uncertainties brought about by hackers and their brute attacks. SSL certificates create a secure channel of communication with a layer of encryption between your website and the server. This will ensure that the bad guys are kept out, and no third party can access the secure channel. This way, all your data is kept safe and very secure.

If you have an ecommerce store, then an SSL certificate is your best friend. It allows sensitive data like social security numbers, login details, credit card numbers, and other crucial details to be transmitted safely across the internet. This will assure your customers that their information is kept safely and very securely.

  • Better search engine ranking

Research done in recent times shows that search engines are phasing out websites that do not use SSL certificates. These websites appear last in search results, and in websites like chrome, these websites are marked as unsecure. These marking draws away visitors from your site so do not be surprised if your website traffic dwindles by the day. Additionally, a survey also showed that HTTPS ranking is real. It correlates with higher rankings on Google.

 According to Moz’s recent survey- Out of one million search results, they found out that HTTPS was dominant among the first-page search results. This is the case among all the other search engines and not just Google.

  • SSL Improves customer trust

Customer satisfaction should be at the core of service provision for any website or Organization. SSL certificates are no longer a perk for sites but are necessary for any online-based business to thrive.

 A padlock is seen on websites that use SSL certificates. This secured address bar assures clients that their information is safe, and they tend to spend more time on your website because it is secure.

 Clients love secrecy and privacy; if your website meets this specification, you will be assured of more web traffic and more sales if you are an online entrepreneur.

In a nutshell, SSL certificates make transactions that happen on a website much safer. This safety tends to draw the trust of clients upon seeing a padlock.

  • SSL confirms your identity

Before an applicant is issued an SSL certificate, the Certificate Authority does a thorough background check. This is done to ensure they do not issue an SSL certificate to a fraud that will steal from visitors or an impersonator.

 Identity verification is an important aspect as far as web security goes, fraud cases have been on a steady rise, and this is because people trust strangers or unsafe websites.

 Phishing is also prevented using SSL certificates. Once you secure a certificate and use it on your website, no other site can bear your domain name. Thus, there can only be the one you on the World Wide Web.

Wrapping up

There are several other explanations for why you should buy SSL certificates for your websites. After choosing which certificate to buy from OV, DV, and EV, you should waste no further time getting these certificates. There are many SSL certificate providers like certificate authorities and resellers who offer cheap SSL certificate and you can get desired SSL certificate from them easily. Additionally, the list of benefits accrued from SSL certificates are desirable. Right from developing customer trust to better search engine ranking and even getting better protection for your sensitive data, it is paramount to get yourself an SSL certificate. Lastly, ensure you get a legit SSL certificate and not a counter-feat one that might prove to be counter-productive.


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