Why use Shopify and Gatsby for your e-commerce website?


Have you ever got so frustrated over the plenty of redirects and loadings on the online store while picking the item? Speed is the most crucial factor in converting patrons to buyers online. According to Akamai, a 1-second delay will cause a site to lose 51.6% of its customers. 

One way to remedy delays would be to integrate your Shopify shop on Gatsby. Building an ecommerce store on Gatsby lets you control the entire customer experience and improve your browsing performance. So, improve your sales on your Shopify store.

What is Gatsby? 

Gatsby is a modern and open-source framework to build speedy and performant websites. It uses modern Jamstack technologies like React, GraphQL, and many more. Besides, Gatsby is an excellent tool for building e-commerce sites with fast performance. 

Benefits of using Gatsby JS 

High Performance

Gatsby automates code-splitting, image optimization, critical inlining styles, lazy-loading, prefetching resources, and more to optimize your site. You don’t need manual tuning required.


Gatsby sites don’t require complex scaling operations or expensive hosting. They scale when needed, but when traffic drops, so does your usage — and your costs. 


Gatsby’s serverless rendering generates static HTML at development time. No server and no reachable database means no malicious requests, DDOS attacks, or accidental exposure. Forget about the site’s attacks. 


Gatsby builds in best practices like accessible routing, progressive page enhancement, and a built-in linting tool to find accessibility errors.


GatsbyJS is more than a static site generator; it has all the tools for building the modern web:

  • Plugins for seamlessly integrating services
  • Themes for effortless configuration
  • Recipes for automating everyday site-building chores 


Gatsby Cloud is a custom-architected Cloud infrastructure for building and collaborating on Gatsby sites and apps built with the Gatsby open-source framework.

  • Incremental Builds: Get parallelized builds with intelligent caching at speeds up to 1000x faster than other solutions. 
  • Real-time Deployment & CMS Previews: Confidently publish updates to your Gatsby site with real-time updates for data changes in your CMS and code changes in your repo
  • Global Edge Network: Deploy and host your site on the global edge network optimized for the best Gatsby experiences
  • Performance Reports: Automatic insight into how your site’s performance, best practices, and accessibility are scoring overtime — for every build.

Why you should use Gatsby as a front end for your Shopify Store


  • Mobile-first and super-fast e-commerce website
  • It gets you more organic traffic because Google appreciates high-performance websites. 
  • It reduces loading time, and so increases your conversion rate. 
  • It gives additional ability to customize your store apart from Shopify Liquid Language features.


  • You need to host your front end in a separate host (You can use Netlify with 100GB bandwidth/month).
  • Need to maintain two technologies/platforms.
  • Loss of apps that don’t have APIs available to work with the Storefront API.


There’s a lot to consider on both sides of this, and I hope this helps someone out there looking into Headless Shopify powered by Gatsby. If you need an ecommerce web development company specialized in headless, visit vtlabs.org. We build fast and scalable Gatsby Shopify stores for your needs.

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