Why Does Your Organization Require Dedicated Server in India?

Dedicated Server
Dedicated Server

Are you thinking of going online by creating a website with your idea? Do you want to take your business online like so many others? Are you looking for ways to create an organization over the internet?

The Internet is the place where everybody is in the 21st century. From businesses offering products, to buyers looking for products everyone is online. Be it a can service or essential medicine, everything is just a click away! Long are the days are gone when you had to search frantically for different things on the street. Now all you have to do is jot down your query in the search bar and hit enter. This is the reason why so many businesses are going online and even making a mark over the internet. But how do you go online?

Well, the answer is quite simple- you use a server. A server is a platform or gateway through which a website is launched over the internet. There are different kinds of server options available between shared and dedicated server in India. A shared server is one where all the resources are shared by many users while a dedicated server is one where all the resources are used up by only one user. Obviously, dedicated servers are the most expensive of the lot because you are the owner of both the software and the hardware but it also comes with a plethora of advantages.

Benefits of Dedicated Server for Your Organization

A dedicated server is one of the best and also one of the costliest server options. Even when you have decided to go for a dedicated server, it gets confusing to choose a plan as there are so many available plans. However, no matter what plan you choose, when you go for a dedicated server, you get tons of advantages that are not there in shared networks.

  • Unshared Resources

The very first advantage of going for a dedicated server plan is that you do not have to share your resources. In a shared server plan, it is the resources that get shared. This in turn leads to various problems in the long run such as unavailability of required resources when you need them the most. This may eventually lead to your website crashing! But there is no such problem with a dedicated server as you are the only user and can do as you please with all your resources.

  • Higher Levels of Security

There are many levels of security that you will get if you choose a dedicated server plan. Firstly, since you are the only user on the server, chances of having malicious websites over the server do not exist. There is no chance to get attacked by any other user on your server as there are none. With a shared server, if one of the users gets blacklisted for malicious activities then the entire server is affected. Even that cannot happen in a dedicated server.

A dedicated server also comes with unrestricted access. This means that you can upgrade, modify, and introduce all kinds of security measures to prevent attacks from malicious sites and programs, viruses, and even hackers. This serves as an extra line of defense because you can use an antivirus of your choice. You can also keep modifying the source code of your website to prevent any kind of future security breach.

  • Configure the Server as You Like

A shared server comes with a lot of restrictions. You have restricted access to the software running the server and have absolutely no physical access to the hardware running the server. Thus it gets immensely difficult to configure such a server to suit your need. However, when you are using a dedicated server, there is no such issue. Everything related to the server is owned by you and you can have unrestricted access. You can also gain root-level access if you need to!

  • Scalability Option

A dedicated server can be scaled up or down if you need to. This implies that if you need to upgrade hardware segments such as the RAM or the storage space you can easily do so without any restriction. You can scale up to any degree you want to with a dedicated server.

  • Managed Server Plans

Most dedicated server hosting providers give managed server plans which are a boon on to itself. When you opt for a managed plan then a team of dedicated experts is deployed along with your hardware. These dedicated experts set up your hardware, install the OS, set up your server, and take care of all its requirements. Be it handling a security breach or updating a security patch, these experts will take care of everything. It saves both the time and the resources of your organization which could be utilized elsewhere.

  • Less Downtime

When you choose a dedicated server you automatically choose lesser downtime. The many upgrades of a shared server are not in your hands or under your control. But that is not the case with a dedicated server. Since you control everything, you can optimize it for the maximum runtime. Most dedicated server plans come with assurances of 99.99% uptime and the remaining 0.01% of downtime can also be chosen by you. You are the one to decide when you will go for an upgrade and such.

  • Unique IP Address

When you are choosing a dedicated server plan you are choosing your own IP address. With a shared server, all the users share the same IP address and if any user is ever affected, the IP address is affected, and thus all other users are affected. However, with a dedicated server, there is no such chance as you have a unique IP address!


Going for a dedicated server is filled with advantages but it is not the most cost-effective plan dedicated servers are expensive and should be used by organizations who cannot do with other options or need the highest iota of security features. Even while choosing a dedicated server one should make a background check of the hoisting service provider. Serverwala is a phenomenal player in this game and has been in service since 2008. They have a team of highly skilled experts who can tackle any problem at any time. They are available 24 x 7 and can give you instant solutions to any of your problems. They are a reliable group of hosting service providers who cater to users in over 150 countries. They are so reliable that they have over 70,000 users throughout the world and it is still growing. There is a variety of managed dedicated server plans to suit all kinds of requirements available at Serverwala and you are sure to benefit hugely from any plan that you choose.


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