WhatsApp Forward Messages Limit Reduces To 1 Chat At A Time To Rein Fake News During Covid-19.

WhatsApp Forward Message Limit Reduce To Refrain People Forwarding Fake News.
WhatsApp Forward Message Limit Reduce To Refrain People Forwarding Fake News.

Covid-19 Pandemic – WhatsApp on Tuesday introduced an update for the restriction on WhatsApp Forward Messages. This comes as an update to the current limit that allowed users to forward a message for up to five times, however as noted above, just applies to much of the time sent messages that have been recently sent multiple times or more. The new move by the Facebook-claimed organization is planned to stop the fake news during the coronavirus episode that is affecting individuals around the world. WhatsApp recently had introduced a feature which lets user verify forwarded messages.

Currently due to the pandemic and lockdown imposed in several countries including India, many people are at home. WhatsApp forward messages have risen to whole different levels. Companies latest blog post reported a significant increase in the amount of forwarded messages which can easily contribute to spread of false news. Thus, it actually makes sense for the company to restrain the forward message limit to one chat at a time.

The new update doesn’t imply that users will not be able to forward the messages so frequently to more than one users. Users can still copy-paste messages in various text-box of various chats.

A recent report highlighted that there has been a 40 percent increase in WhatsApp’s usage during this COVID-19 spread. The messaging app has observed “highest gains” in usability among other social media and messaging apps.

Some time back WhatsApp included “Frequently Forwarded” tab in August a year ago to help users effectively recognize messages that didn’t start from a nearby contact. The most recent update is an expansion to the current furthest reaches of five advances without a moment’s delay that WhatsApp at first brought to India in August 2018 and afterward extended to worldwide markets in January a year ago. That past change is professed to have brought about a 25 percent decline in message advances all around at that point.

Last month, WhatsApp was spotted testing the feature that lets users verify the content of the forwarded messages by searching it online. A magnifying glass icon is available next to the frequently forwarded messages on some of the recent WhatsApp beta versions that allows users to do a Web search and ascertain the authenticity of such messages.


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