WhatsApp Dark Mode: iPhone users to get it first.

WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhone users.
WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhone users.

iPhone users will be able to run this feature on iOS 13. The background is all black whereas the text can be seen in white.

The dark mode for WhatsApp is one of the most anticipated features we all are waiting for. The company has been working on it for over a year now with no confirmation on the launch date yet. Ending the wait, it seems like the update will be here soon and might start with iPhone users.

A recent report from WaBetaInfo suggests that the feature may launch soon on the chat app with iOS users to get it first. The iPhone users can run this update on iOS 13. The suggested icons WhatsApp dark mode are in blue and grey colour schemes.

Currently, there’s no specific timeline on the update but we believe WhatsApp dark mode iOS 13 is expected soon for the users. It is said that the delay is reportedly to the crashing of the app caused by the bug named “Dark Bubble”.

Image shared by WaBetaInfo

Image shared by WaBetaInfo
Image shared by WaBetaInfo

WhatsApp recently rolled out new beta updates for the Android users as well. The new update brings a new icon for the camera, chats and WhatsApp Status. The update has also worked on app badge improvements and fixing bugs that crashed the app when a voice message played. WhatsApp splash screen update lets users see WhatsApp logo whenever they open their app. This update is available for all WhatsApp users including android.

Last week, WhatsApp added new privacy setting which allows a user to decide whether they want to join a group on the chat app or not.

How to enable the new privacy setting on WhatsApp?

To enable it, users need to go to “Settings” in the app, then tap Account, Privacy and Groups and select one of three options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.”

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