What to Wear Under Workout Leggings.

what to wear under workout leggings
what to wear under workout leggings

One of the first rules of intimate lady style is to avoid visible panty lines on all outfits; dinner gowns, thong dresses, and even workout leggings. While getting that summer body this year is on your bucket list and embarrassing or placing yourself in awkward situations is a no-no. So this article discusses what to wear under leggings or yoga pants. I suggest getting your leggings on sale for workouts here. 

The issue with workout leggings or Yoga pants. 

Workout leggings are specifically designed for the ups and downs of all sorts of exercises or yoga but then, I am led to believe that intimacy wasn’t put into place when being designed. (One cannot have it all) 

The main problem with most workout leggings stems from the fact that they happen to be see-through, make panty lines very visible, or ride up the rear end. 

A lot of people have tried to circumvent this issue by not putting on underwear or using thongs, but both are just a literal disaster waiting to happen. 

Best Suggestions; Things to wear under workout leggings. 

1. Go male; the next time you go shopping, skip the Victoria secret and lace panties, go for the non-attractive dyke looking underwear. They are like little shorts made of cotton. Not only will this never show underneath your workout leggings, but they will also make workout sessions much more comfortable than using thongs or even wearing VS. 

2. Laser Cut underwear; laser-cut underwear is so similar to silk but they are not. The edges are a hundred percent different from underwear sown with seams at the edges. They are cut to precision and have absolutely no seams or rough edges at edges. This sort of underwear blends into your bum. By the way, ensure you get your size! This is imperative as it doesn’t have the same grip underwear with seams. 

3. Full-length Yoga Pants; not only does this suggestion help accentuate your shape underneath the perfection of certain dinner or office gowns, but they are also great to wear underneath yoga pants or workout leggings as it functions as a much comfortable version of a corset. It is elastic enough to withstand all storms exercise might bring its way and, there will be no panty lines. 

4. Thongs; thongs can be both a good and bad idea depending on the type you get. They could ride up the back during complex exercising. The best type of thongs to get for workout leggings are seamless, silk, or cotton thongs. As a rule of thumb, no lace underwear. 

5. Pop socks; as a little DIY fashion project or fashion life hack, get your old pop socks, the ones with holes in them, and cut them four inches above the knee. This could be a replacement for your panties whenever you put on workout leggings and it also helps keep the leg fat in place, giving your yoga or workout pants a better fit. 


There you have it, five things you can wear underneath your workout leggings; avoiding panty lines yet making workout a ‘seamless’ experience.

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