Things You Should Never Do While on Holiday

working on vacation
working on vacation

Traveling doesn’t come cheap, especially if you’ll be going abroad. That is why it is imperative that you’re putting every minute to good use. You don’t want your vacation to be ruined just because of some avoidable mistakes. There are some things that you should never do while traveling and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Not Preparing

As much as you’d want the trip to be spontaneous, it is important that you’re doing the planning. You’ll need to figure out where you’ll be staying and places to go so that you’re not wasting your time doing so when you arrive at the destination. For lodges, you can check out more info at Fairway Holiday Park Isle Of Wight website. Good preparation will ensure that you’re not spending on unnecessary items.

Abusing Local Customs

Just because you’re used to doing things in a certain way doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be mindful of other people’s customs. You’ll be in another country or territory and it is only fair that you’re following the customs as a sign of respect. A good example is when you’re traveling to Dubai. It will make sense to dress conservatively given the religious beliefs and the traditions of the locals.

Not Wearing Your Clothes

Even though you’d want to sunbathe without clothes on, not everyone will enjoy the view. Unless it is a nudist beach, you’re better off with your clothes on. There are countries where nudity is illegal and you might find yourself paying heavy fines or ending up in jail because of such a silly mistake.

Drinking Tap Water

You might get seriously ill when you drink foreign tap water. You’re not sure about the source or how it is treated. As much as you might be assured that it is safe to drink, it will not be worth taking the risk. A lot of countries don’t have an effective water processing system in place. That means that the tap water could be having all sorts of bacteria. You don’t want to be comparing yourself with the locals as they’ve had years of experience getting used to the water.

Falling For Tourists Traps

There are some devious characters that will be looking forward to taking advantage of the tourists that are visiting. There will be people bombarding you with all manner of goods and offers. Once you have everything planned out, there is no reason why you’d want an extra tour guide or having to buy items at different places even when you’re not interested.

Limiting Yourself to Hotel Food

The best way you can discover the cuisine of a country is by sampling their street food. The first thing you’d want to find out is where the locals eat. You’re bound to discover new foods that you wouldn’t have if you’re to limit yourself to your hotel food.

Not Learning Local Language

You don’t need to master the whole language. There are some words that will be essential to help you navigate your way around. Don’t just learn to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. You also need to know how to greet someone in the local language. It will make the locals more receptive as it shows that you’re willing to immerse yourself in their culture.

Answering Emails

If everyone at work knows you’re on vacation, there is no point that you’d want to answer an email that is work-related. There so many things that could derail peace and tranquility and work happen to be on top of the list. Going on vacation means that you’re getting away from the constant emails so that you can relax. If it is that urgent, they’ll call you although you’ll not be under any obligation to pick up. Things will be different if it is your business but you can always leave someone responsible in charge so that you don’t have to deal with the pressures when you’re away.

Doing the Same Things

Going on a holiday will provide the perfect opportunity to learn something new. You can forget about having a routine when you’re abroad. If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel taking a cold beer in the morning by the beach, go for it. You’d want to create memories that will forever be cherished and that will start by doing something that you’ve never tried before. Having a good time should be the main consideration when you’re on holiday and avoiding the above-mentioned will ensure that you’re doing so.


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