What is Rekeying a Lock?

Rekeying a Lock
Rekeying a Lock

You may want to change the key while keeping the same lock. Then you are thinking of the rekeying process. Rekeying may help you in changing the key while keeping the same lock. But at first, you need to know what is rekeying a lock and how to do it. Let’s have a look.

What is Rekeying a Lock?

Rekeying means replacing the old key with a new one having a new cut. So the old key will not be able to open the lock anymore.

To understand the rekeying process, you need to know about the mechanism of the lock at first. In the case of pin tumbler lock, the driver pins and key pins are used to restrict the plug from rotating.

When the right key entered into it, the key pins are lifted at the right height aligning the gaps between the key pins and driver pins with the shear line. Thus the plug will be able to rotate and open the lock.

Rekeying is the process of changing these key pins with new ones. So you will need a key of new cut according to the height of new key pins to open the lock. The old key will not elevate the key pins at a height to match the shear line. Thus the old key will not work anymore.

When should I Rekey the Lock?

Rekeying is not recommended for any cases where the driver pins or springs of the lock are worn out. You may rekey your lock in the following cases.

  1. In most cases, rekeying is done for using the same key to open each lock of the house. By rekeying, you will be able to eliminate the different keys for different locks. And you can use the one and only one master key to unlock every lock.
  2. You can rekey your lock if you have bought a new house to ensure that only you and your family have the right key. So prior owners or his relatives can not get in.
  3. If your roommate has moved to a new place recently, you should rekey the lock to deny his access.
  4. If you have lost a copy of the key, rekeying the lock is safe for you.

How to Do Rekeying?

The rekeying process is straightforward. All you will need is a set of rekeying kits.You can rekey your pin tumbler lock according to the following procedure.

  1. Firstly, you need to have a rekeying toolset. A rekeying toolset is consists of three tools. They are a catch tool, a spanner, and a follower.New key pins and key may be included too.
  2. Now remove the lock cylinder from the doorknob using turn, pop, and pull technique.Open the lock by the original key. Now turn it counterclockwise until you see the catch inside the open hole. Now hold it so it will not release and insert the catch tool inside the hole. Press the catch down to release the knob. Now pull the knob backward.
  3. By using the spanner tool, remove the cap from the door facing part of the knob. Now bring out the cylinder from the knob.
  4. Remove the C-cleft from the cylinder by pushing it from the open side using the spanner.
  5. Now put the original key inside and turn it at 90 degrees.Then push the plug follower inside from opposite while pulling the plugoutside at the same pace.
  6. There are little cylindrical chambers for key pins on the plug. Bring out the pins by turning it upside down. Now bring out the original key and insert the new one. Then put new key pins in the hollows. Follow the serial of pins according to the given instruction with the pins and key set. After placing the new pins, check that they are totally inside the chambers to make sure that every pin is in its place.
  7. Now bring out the new key. Then push the plug inside the key cylinder and pull out the follower. Then place the cylinder inside the knob, put the cap on it and lock the knob using the catch. Your lock is rekeyed!

The process may vary slightly depending on the type and manufacturer. In some cases, the instant key is available, which will let you rekey your lock without removing the core. It is a specially designed key.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you rekey your lock by your own self, then you will have to pay only for buying the kits. But calling a locksmith to do so may cost more.They can charge fifteen to a hundred buc

Sometimes replacing the lock can be the better option for you than rekeying it.If you want to upgrade your lock system or the old lock is worn out, you should buy a new lock. But now you know what is rekeying and how to do it. So if necessary, do not wait.


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