What are the Requirements of Marriage in Canada

Marriage Registry in Canada
Marriage Registry in Canada

The success of any relationship commences with making sacred vows to each other in a holy ceremony. A popular belief established that marriages are made in heaven; however, it is up to you to decide how and where you want to get married. What do you think about getting married in Canada?

It is stated that marriage is one of the most primary and vital social institutions in Canada. They are performed via a religious or civil ceremony by clergy in the country. Earlier, at the beginning of the 21st century, particularly most marriages in Canada were religious.

Marriage in Canada:

Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world, with ten provinces and three territories. Thereby each province and territory formed and confirmed its regulations and structures of getting married.

Each territory has its laws and regulations within its jurisdiction for supervising marriage. Couples planning to get married in Canada should get in touch with the responsible authorities in the provincial court where the wedding will be performed. 

Minimum Age:

In Canada, the minimum age law for marriage stands such as an individual must be at least 16 years old or more to get married legally abiding by the laws of the nation. However, marriage at the age of 16 or under 18 requires written consent by the parents of that individual. Consents forms can be easily obtained from the same place you would have to go to attain your marriage license. 

Types of Marriage:  

To be able to marry in a law binding and accurate manner, you need to hire or contact an authorized official who will get you married legally and adequately. There are two types of marriage ceremonies which are popularly performed in Canada, such as Religious marriage and Civil marriage.

In a religious marriage, a well-known religious official is mandatory to perform the ceremony and to bind you into union with your partner. Be careful and cautious while hiring a religious official; make sure the one you choose is enlisted as having the authorization to perform a marriage in your location.

In a civil marriage, a judge or an authorized municipal clerk plays its part to marry you. The ceremony is often conducted at a local office or city hall.

Essential Documents:

Marriage is a divine service which even though sounds simple requires essential documents which permits you or gives you the freedom to marry whomever who want to marry within some regulations. Before an individual gets married, he or she needs to get some documents or forms.

There are some alternatives which mean before you get married, you can either show a marriage license or a banns form. You can obtain this from the church while you publicly declare your commitment during your ceremony where the divine service is being performed.

However banns has some restrictions. The church cannot publish a form of banns if you or your partner has been married previously; this is where you would need a marriage license. This document needs to be signed by you, your spouse and the official responsible for performing the marriage right after the ceremony.

How to Get a Marriage License:

To be able to obtain your marriage license without any problems you would need to gather and bring at least 2 of the government-issued identification for you and your spouse. A photograph is the top of the list which you must bring to get your license.

There are many of the government-issued identification documents such as government-issued birth certificate, authentic passport, the record of immigrant landing, Citizenship Card, valid driver’s license and photo card. A marriage license remains valid 90 days from the day it is issued.

Marriage Certificate:

The only document that can verify your marriage is a marriage certificate which has been issued and given to as a legal record of the wedding. The certificate contains the date, place of marriage and the people who were married together. This certificate is of significant importance as it provides legal proof of your wedding.

In addition, it guarantees certain social benefits or when you need to settle an estate and even if when you need to change your last name. However, to be able to obtain your marriage certificate, ensure that your marriage is registered. 


As dreamy as a marriage sounds, it indeed involves complex procedures which need to be performed under proper laws governing a wedding in that location. Marriage is a divine service which falls under specific regulations.

Hence this article provides you with just what you need to know before getting hitched with your partner in Canada. Similar to any other marriages in the world, marriages in Canada falls under specific regulations which need to be maintained to encourage this vital social institution in the country.


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