Fun and Trendy Ways To Wear a Glitzy Anklet

ankle bracelet
ankle bracelet

Whether you’re wearing a casual pair of crop pants or a fancy dress, an anklet is a perfect way to finish off any outfit. A glitzy anklet goes from bedtime and beach to dinner and dancing in the city. Discover some of the latest fun and trendy ways to wear a pretty anklet to show off your legs and sense of style.

How to Shop for a Show-Stopping Anklet

How do you find a new anklet that turns heads in admiration? Look for a chain link anklet in popular metals such as silver, gold, and rose gold. Add crystals for a bit of bling that turns simple jeans and a t-shirt into a show-stopping outfit.

Just Add a Little Black Dress

Little black dresses come in all shapes and sizes to flatter every figure type. Whether you wear one for a funeral or special date, nothing adds more sparkle to a black dress than a crystal-clad anklet. Bring sensational back to any occasion in minutes with a simple black dress and gorgeous anklet.

Funky Sneakers

Funky sneakers and crop jeans have become a mainstay in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Add a glitzy anklet when you slip into your favorite pair of sneakers and watch your style meter go up a few levels. Plus, a fancy anklet makes sneakers look suitable for almost any occasion, so you can always feel your comfortable best.

Bring Glamour to the Beach

Timeless beach trends, such as flowy linen pants and bikini tops, pair well with a shiny anklet. Bring a dash of glamour to the beach and draw attention to your tanned legs with a gold anklet that glitters under the sun. From swimsuits to sundresses, an anklet adds the perfect touch to any beach outfit.

Return to the 90s

Small sunglasses and tiny handbags are just two of the 90’s trends making a strong comeback today. Anklets are another 90’s trend bringing variety and a retro sense to your wardrobe. Mix up your look with 90’s trends that look new right now. Try round sunglasses with a silver anklet and cutoff denim shorts.

Layered Anklets

The concept of less is more doesn’t apply when it comes to layering anklets. Trying wearing two or three different styles on one leg or one anklet on each leg for an eye-catching look. Dare to go outside your fashion comfort zone and experiment with anklets up your leg for the ultimate level of sparkle. Layer silver and gold anklets to spice up any outfit.

Flip Flops Are More Fun

An essential pair of flip flops looks more fun paired with a glittering ankle bracelet. From heading to a pedicure to a day at the pool, pair your anklet with flip-flops for a fashionable feel. Try styles with crystals, shells, or beads for a beach-friendly look. Pair an anklet with a fitted mini skirt and flip flops on the hottest summer days.

Just Add Stiletto Heels

If you want the wow factor, add stiletto heels to your favorite glitzy anklet. Heat up date night with a pair of heels, pencil skirt, and sparkling anklet in silver or gold. Dare to wear lingerie with your favorite pair of kitten heels and anklets. When it comes to fashion flair that gets noticed, nothing beats the combination of stiletto heels and a crystal ankle bracelet.

Denim Shorts with Sparkle

From glittering back pockets to a fantastic ankle, denim shorts have more sparkle with the right accessories. Plus, anklets work well with everything from sandals to canvas sneakers. Measure your ankle to get the right size, so it always feels comfortable to wear. Go conservative for a day at the zoo with Bermuda shorts and a gold ankle bracelet that adds a dash of appeal to your most sensible pair of walking shoes.

Sundresses and Anklets

The retro look from the ’70s and ’90s includes long sundresses with pretty anklets in rose gold. Flowing skirts draw attention to your legs, ankles, and feet. Add a toe ring and ankle bracelets to bring back a look from yesterday that feels good right now. Slip into a refreshing cotton skirt to your anklet with an ankle bracelet peeking out when you sit down or cross your legs.

Luxurious Leggings

Leggings are another wardrobe classic to wear for any occasion with anything from a cashmere sweater to a silk tank top. Top off your favorite combination with an anklet to add a perfect touch of class. Pair black leggings with a silver anklet and flat shoes to go from the office to a candlelight dinner without going home. Leggings are always a go-to item in your closet, and an ankle bracelet turns a plain pair of pants into something special.

Look Fashionable for Work and Play

With remote work becoming the new normal, many people spend less time in the office. Make the most of your time by looking your fashion-forward best. Classic office trousers, skirts, and jackets pair flawlessly with glitzy ankle bracelets. Pair well-fitted checked trousers with a fashionable ankle bracelet for the office and after-hours. Even when you work at home, it feels good to look down and see your ankle sparkling next to your coziest pair of slippers!

Boots and Ankle Bracelets Go Together

Short boots and a well-fitted ankle bracelet go together for a trendy feel. Make old trousers feel new again by adding a pair of short boots and a sparkling anklet. Pair boots and your favorite anklet with a pair of cropped jeans for a casual look with a dressy edge.

For centuries, women adorned their ankles with beautiful bracelets to show off their legs and dedication to fashion. Today’s array of options makes it easy to show off your unique sense of style with ankle bracelets for every occasion. Remember to add a classic gold or silver ankle bracelet with crystals to pair with everything from denim shorts to evening dresses. Then add various anklets in different colors, textures, and materials to match every outfit in your closet!


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