All You Need To Know About Berkey Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System

The water filtration system is one of the essential household equipment every person should have in their homes. Water filters can remove minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants from water, making it safe for drinking. There are many water filtration systems today, and getting hold of the best filter can be a challenge.

However, according to the berkey water filter review, the Berkey water filtration system is one of the best water purification systems for performance. It is also a portable water filter good at removing contaminants by using gravity to force water through the filter cartridge.

What makes this particular filter different from others is that you don’t have to attach it to your kitchen sink faucet, meaning that it is portable. The only thing you need is to fill it with water and leave it to work independently. The other good thing about Berkey water filter is that you don’t have to worry about where to store it because you can place it anywhere you want.

Berkey Water Filter Features You Need To Know

Berkey water filter has the following unique features:

  • The stainless steel filter unit

Berkey water filters are of different sizes. They range from small travel units to big countertop systems and are made of stainless steel material. Their design can fit well on your kitchen counter.

  • Black Berkey purification element

The water filter has two purification elements, which, according to the manufacturer, have been tested and approved by an EPA laboratory. They exceed standards 53 as set by NSF/ANSI meaning that they are useful and can remove pathogenic, bacteria, and viruses. They can also remove protozoa, trihalomethanes, and other inorganic minerals as well as heavy metals.

  • User manual

The Berkey filter is one of the most straightforward water filtration systems in the market because it does not require installation. It comes with a user manual containing all the essential information you need to know, like how to change the filters and how to take care.

Water filter in the kitchen
Water filter in the kitchen

Barkery Water Filtration System Performance 

Performance is one of the essential elements to consider when buying a water filter system and any other household equipment. According to the Berkey water filter manufacturer, this equipment is more efficient compared to other countertop filters we have in the market. It is the best choice if you are looking for a filter that can remove most contaminants.

Berkey Water Filtration System Installation And Maintenance

Unlike other water filtration systems, the Berkey water filter is easy to use equipment because it does not require any installation. The only task you will encounter with this particular item is flushing out sediment from the filter so that it does not give water unpleasant taste.

To achieve this, you will need to fill the unit with water to the brim. Then leave it for a couple of hours so that it filters through the system. You are free to use the water for other purposes but do not drink. Once you are through with the first round of filtration, you are free to filter drinking water.

There is not much maintenance needed with the Berkey water filter system. It has a lifespan of about 6, 000 gallons per pair before replacement. When you opt for a big Berkey, the filter will last longer before doing a replacement.

The Cons Of Berkey Water Filtration System

Like any other equipment in your house, the Berkey water filtration system has some cons. For instance, unlike the faucet water filter, the Berkey filtration system does not use water pressure, but rather, it relies on gravity to push water through the cartridge. It means that there is that disadvantage of not being able to filter all the water you fill in the unit. So, it might not be that effective like a kitchen faucet water filter.

The Berkey filter system has two filters where water has to pass through them to reduce contaminants. It means you will have to wait for about three hours to take filtration before drinking the water from the unit.


Note that apart from filtering water, the Berkey filtration system is also good at purifying water. It also reduces inorganic materials, protozoa, pesticides, heavy metal, and large sediments such as silt and rust. Therefore, the equipment is ideal for people with private boreholes or those connected to municipal water with bad odor or taste, leading to water contaminants. With this equipment in place, you can be assured of clean water intake. Water contamination will be the least of your worries.


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