Want Accurate Social Media Analysis? These 4 Tips by NetBaseQuid Will Help

Want Accurate Social Media Analysis? These 4 Tips by NetBaseQuid Will Help
Want Accurate Social Media Analysis? These 4 Tips by NetBaseQuid Will Help

In an age where most conversations happen over the internet, social media analysis is the key to success for various brands. From aspiring influencers to large scale corporations, everyone seems to be singing praises of this assessment method.

But that’s where the questions start raising their heads. Exactly what components contribute to social media analytics? What points should you keep in mind? And most importantly, what steps should you take to ensure the accuracy of your analysis?

Thankfully, NetBaseQuid, a popular social media analytics tool, is here to help. By using the following 4 tips, you can harness all the benefits of reliable social media analytics in an easy way.

1. Start by Identifying Your Demographics

One of the first steps towards an accurate social media assessment is by understanding your target demographic. 

If your company offers products or services that are targeted at a certain age group or area, make sure to focus or sort your online analysis efforts through that segment. Otherwise, you may end up with information that has nothing to do with your potential customers, which would affect the quality of your analysis.

Thankfully, setting your demographic information is easy while using a competent social media analysis tool. By taking a few simple steps, you can get insights from your potential audience and improve or develop your solutions accordingly. 

2. Don’t Limit Your Analysis to a Single Platform

While Facebook seemingly reigns supreme in social media platforms for consumer marketing, it is not the only method of communication that people use on a regular basis.

For instance, Twitter is a great way to reach out to audiences of all ages and areas, while LinkedIn holds its own in the professional world. Pinterest appeals to hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, while Reddit has its own niche conversation platform. 

With this in mind, make sure that you don’t limit your analysis to one social media platform. By keeping your analytics spread out across various social media websites, you can capture better quality data without any issues.

3. Don’t Forget Visual Media

Text content and heartfelt posts go a long way towards engagement. But they are not the only way to drive up online conversations about your brand. By looking into the response to your visual posts, you can expand your understanding into a vast segment of audience interaction. 

By using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), next-generation social media analysis tools can help you capture data related to visual media. This includes your brand’s presence in images circulating over social media as well as audience sentiment about any pictures you share through your own account. 

This helps cover any blind spots that emerge when you are not able to assess this popular branch of social media content. As a result, it lets you get an overall picture of audience behavior and works wonders towards improving the quality of your analysis.

4. Use a Holistic Analysis Tool 

Many other assessment methods such as social media listening often get conflated with social media audits and analysis. But those processes either only refer to raw data such as a bunch of online comments, or to compounded summaries such as the number of likes on each post.

This leaves a lot to be desired if what you are looking for is actual analysis of all these factors combined. This is why, you should look for purpose-built solutions that are able to pull off the difficult job of analytics for you. 

This holistic social media assessment doesn’t only help you understand general user behavior, but also allows you to capture specific market sentiment. It also helps you convert raw data into meaningful analysis about your brand, user emotion, attributes, and behavior. 

At NetBaseQuid, you can find comprehensive social media analytics solutions at affordable prices. With the company’s easy to use program and intuitive interface, capturing your market data has never been easier. If you are looking to kickstart your social media analytics, NetBaseQuid’s solutions are the way to go.


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