Wallpapers for kitchen, bedroom, and living room. Which, Why, and How?

Wallpapers For Home
Wallpapers For Home

Wallpaper has become increasingly common nowadays. If you are new in this world, there are many things you are curious about and want to learn. With the development of technology, it is now possible to carry many different styles as wallpaper to homes or workplaces. If you are checking for the best way to express your style by making the right choice among hundreds of varieties, and if you have questions about what kind of wall decals you should use in which room, the information we have compiled for you will inspire you to help.


Kitchens are one of the areas where time is often spent at home. When we are in the kitchen, we are usually active because we are dealing with food preparations, and therefore it is not suitable to place decoration items around. Walls are the most important points we can evaluate in kitchen decoration, and wallpapers are the essential design element for your kitchen. There are questions to be considered when choosing kitchen wallpaper; traditional wallpapers quickly become dirty and dull. Because they are thin material, old wallpapers absorb unpleasant odors. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper for your kitchen, do not select embossed detailed, dirt-to-be, fabric-based, or textured options. However, there are lovely wallpaper options produced with new technologies that can be used in kitchens.

Today, there are wipeable and washable wallpapers, and you should use this type of wallpaper in kitchens. When you choose the wallpaper correctly, you can periodically wipe it with a damp cloth or use mild cleaning products. Thus, your wallpaper always stays clean without the need to wash it. Especially since vinyl wallpapers are waterproof, you can use them comfortably for long-term cleaning without any problems. There are many ways to use wall mural in your kitchen.

You can create significant effects with modern solutions, highlighting a single wall other than covering the whole area. When creating an accent wall, you can make the right choice by determining the most regular wall in your kitchen. You can create innovative bursts of energy in your space by applying to different and unexpected areas, such as behind shelves. Changes like these can add a unique texture to your kitchen. You need to be careful when choosing your color scheme in such applications. If you like vivid colors, you should use a similar color palette to make the areas you cover with wallpaper or the back of the shelves stand out. The choice of type is entirely up to your taste; the options are endless. You can evaluate a colorful floral design or this year’s trendy colors.

Lemon with Leaf

If you want to create a dynamic effect in your kitchen and do it with a vintage kitchen wallpaper design, let lemons increase the space’s energy. This design, which will match with many color palettes, helps you transform your kitchen without extra expense.

Colorful Tropical Cactus Floral with Little Birds

If you have a narrow kitchen, showing it dull by adding depth can give you what you need. With this wallpaper for kitchen, details and stylish tone bring beautiful aesthetics to your kitchen with the touch of modern freshness.

Blue Marble with Gold Splash

When you want to create a pleasing effect in your kitchen, you can transform it with kitchen wallpaper designs in this style. These designs, personalized paint by number which have been very trendy recently, create a very stylish effect and help you be calmer when working in the kitchen.

Tropical Leaf

Banana leaves wallpaper for kitchen, which will brighten your kitchen, make the wall they are used to appear longer. This style of wallpaper allows you to spend time in a more spacious area. The soft color palette of banana leaves will enliven the kitchen and create a feeling of summer all year round.


The bedroom is one of the unique rooms in our living space. The best way to decide between too many choices to reflect your individuality is to prioritize your style. To create a good floor in bedrooms, you can use the bedroom wallpaper behind your beds or cover all four walls. If you are going to add it as an accent wall, you can choose a bold and dramatic pattern. If you make a decision to use it on a wall divided by a chair rail, you can create an attractive look. You can use large scale flower patterns on the chair rail to create an up-to-date look. Or you can catch the trend by evaluating your ceiling. Bedrooms are areas where you might want to make constant changes.

For this reason, it is important what type of paper you choose will be. Since a wallpaper with a non-woven background can be removed easily, you can easily remove it when you decide to make a change. Avoid small patterns, especially on your first try, as you won’t want to have any matching problems with the wallpaper you will make for your bedroom. When you make a mistake with this wallpaper, you may break the paper while trying to open it and match it again. It is about your plain or textured paper style. If you want to add a more comfortable look to space, you can choose non-woven patterns if you’re going to add a textured and elegant effect. Textured wallpapers can help to add some dimension to the wall or to cover any imperfections on the wall. If there are flaws on your walls, but you still think that plain wallpaper will be more suitable for your bedroom, you should apply primer to cover the problem areas.

Vintage Peony Flower

Large flowers can be scary for those who haven’t experienced it before, but their gorgeous match in bedrooms has quickly made these designs a favorite. Thie best bedroom wallpaper design will help if you want to create a more in-depth and broader view in your bedroom. You can match the large and elaborate appeal of saturated colored flowers with a vintage look with deep colored furniture.

Blue Wave

Check out this design that will add a fun and retro feel to your bedroom. The fluency of the waves in the design brings a calm and natural feeling to your space. At the same time, the wallpaper for bedroom will make the area you use larger. You can evaluate it in your bedroom, especially in the area you want it to look larger.

Monochrome Mountainscape with Misty Forest

Mountains and sky an essential role in providing depth to your bedroom with shades in pale tones. Especially if you want to create a dark theme in your bedroom, this bedroom wallpaper design will help you catch the depth you want.

Tropical Nature Landscape with Birds
A tropical landscape is a great design to end the day in your bedroom. It also makes your space brighter. If you have a dark room, it will be a suitable wallpaper for bedroom design to you, or if you have a bright room, it will provide an even more spacious effect.

 Living Room

Wallpapers are decoration tools that make a significant impact in the area where they are used. There are many colors, patterns, and texture varieties. The living room is the busiest room we use in common in the living area. Its decoration is essential to everyone. It can be bold and large, or elegant and soft, depending on the style you choose. One of the reasons why living room wallpaper ideas are so preferred is that they can be used in many different ways. You can cover all the walls, or you can cover half of them.

If you are looking for a difference, you can place two different papers on one wall or add them to the ceiling. You can make an accent wall or apply it to a bookshelf in your living room. You can add it to a small area of ​​your wall as art or cover items such as lamps. All the options can vary depending on the effect you want to create in the field. When you make such movements, the area you decorate will be unique to you.

Woman Face Pop Art

If you want to create a dynamic and fun effect in the living room, you will love this type of design designed in a retro style. This living room wallpaper design, full of vibrant colors, will illuminate the place it is in and turns your dull walls into a bold and eye-catching one.

Peacock with Peony Blossom

If you want to turn your living room into an eye-catching space, this gorgeous match of birds and floral patterns will go well with a variety of furniture according to your interior style and allow you to create a sophisticated living room walls design.

World Map

World maps are among the pieces that add the most enjoyable detail to your living room. Detailed maps that look great on every wall help you plan your next trip with your family or guests. This living room wallpaper design that will bring movement to your room allows you to create a dynamic feature wall.

Dutch Peony Floral

If to create an elegant theme in your living room, this type of design with neutral tones will help you create a sophisticated feel. If you want to highlight the seating area in your living room without glaring, match this room wallpaper design with modern furniture and deep colors.


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