Why is Vaping Better Than Smoking?


Vaping is a great choice for anyone who wants to kick the smoking habit and take better control over their health. Vape juices provide a full day’s worth of nicotine and prevent people from inhaling all the dangerous chemicals that are in cigarettes. A vape provides a full array of flavors that aren’t available with cigarettes, and the person will see major changes in their health once they switch. The vapes allow the person to control how much nicotine they inhale at once and give them better control over their nicotine addiction. By making the switch to a vape, the person reduces risks for their loved ones and family, too.

It is Less Harmful Than Smoking Tobacco Products

Smoking or using any tobacco products is harmful to the health and cause serious complications. Studies show that smoking cigarettes causes blood vessels to constrict and increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Women who smoke when they are pregnant are at an increased risk of delivering premature babies with a low birth weight. Women who smoke and use oral birth control are at a greater risk of developing blood clots. Consumers can learn more about vape products at IndeJuice and avoid these negative effects of smoking.

There is No Second-Hand Smoke

Second-hand smoke is known to cause cancer in people that inhale it, and smokers place everyone at risk if they do not smoke outdoors and away from their loved ones. The cigarette smoke lingers inside the home if they smoke indoors, and it creates a dangerous film on walls. The smoke itself will not go away for several hours, and this increases the risks for themselves and everyone around them. By switching to a vape, second-hand smoke is no longer a problem.

It Doesn’t Release Chemicals or Toxins

Vapes emit water vapor that is not dangerous and doesn’t contain chemicals or toxins like cigarette smoke. It presents a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products, and no one has to deal with second-hand smoke. The water vapor smells like the vape juice flavor the person chose. They won’t emit any foul odors into the home or automobile. The water vapor will not cling to walls or building materials and present a risk later.

vaping vs smoking

Smoking is Expensive

Smoking tobacco products has become incredibly expensive for smokers, and the average cost of one pack of cigarettes is between $7 and $10. A carton of cigarettes may cost more than $50, and the rate at which the person smokes the products defines how often they must purchase the cartons or individual packs.

Not to mention, smoking cigarettes can take a toll on their health and increase their health care costs. In comparison, it is far cheaper and healthier for adults to vape instead of smoking cigarettes.

Vaping Won’t Cause Lung Cancer

The risk of developing lung cancer is far greater for anyone who smokes tobacco products than if they use a vape to satisfy their nicotine cravings. The risk of longtime smokers is considerably greater than for a person who hasn’t been smoking but a few years. However, if they stop smoking right now, there is a greater chance of healing their lungs and expelling all the buildup that can lead to cancer.

Vaping is a great way to stop smoking and gives the person better control over how much nicotine they inhale in a day. Nicotine is highly addictive and presents a multitude of health problems. However, by using the vape, the person can reduce the amount they use at a steady pace until they no longer need it. This can help them quit smoking and eliminate their nicotine addiction safely.

Vape Juice Comes in a Variety of Flavors

Consumers find the best flavors by using a vape instead of smoking cigarettes. With cigarettes, the best flavors a smoker can get is regular, menthol, and specialty cigarettes that are available at a limited time. With a vape, they can choose their favorite dessert flavor and enjoy a far better taste. The added bonus is that the vape juice will not cause bad breath and the person won’t need breath mints later to eliminate the bad odor caused by cigarettes.

You Can Vape Inside Safely

People can use a vape inside safely without having to worry about the effects of second-hand smoke. More establishments allow smoking to use vapes indoor because the water vapor is not toxin and doesn’t present health risks to others. Since they’re more socially acceptable, smokers can get the right amount of nicotine without going outside to use their vape.

The products don’t emit horrible smells like cigarette smoke, and the scents won’t linger for a long time. More places such as restaurants and bars are allowing vapes since there isn’t a health risk to others. By making the switch, the person gets these benefits and avoids the negative impact of cigarette smoke.

Suppliers Offer Bulk Supplies

Bulk supplies of vape juice present incredible savings for vape users, and they can save a lot by choosing bulk orders of their favorite flavors instead of purchasing smaller quantities. In comparison, the bulk orders provide generous savings, and this shows people how much they can save overall if they switch to a vape instead of smoking cigarettes. Some suppliers offer replenishment orders for the vaping supplies, and the customer can set up a user account to get the full benefits of these order options.

Vaping has proven to be a safer alternative to smoking tobacco products, and consumers who make the switch see an incredible change in their health. Smoking cigarettes increases the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. It can cause premature birth and low birth weights if pregnant women smoke. Second-hand smoke has become a serious risk, and more states are passing laws to prevent smoking from smoking around small children, especially in automobiles. By switching to a vape, the person reduces their health risks and won’t place their loved ones at risk. Vaping products and supplies are far more affordable than purchasing tobacco products, and they are more socially acceptable than cigarettes.


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