Using a Face Mask Helps Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus

Using a Face Mask.
Using a Face Mask.

There are people out there who are skeptical about how effective face masks are and even those who claim that individuals can be infected no matter what type of mask they are wearing, but those claims are baseless and the evidence does confirm that wearing even a simple face mask can prevent someone who is infected from spreading the virus to others that he or she happens to come into contact with. Of course, the best choice would be an N95 face mask such as the wholesale N95 respirators sold by Global Genesis, a company that is also in the business of selling bulk face shields during our current crisis.

Just How Effective are Face Masks?

There is no doubt that when it comes to face masks that will keep someone safe from COVID-19 it is N95 masks that offer the very best level of protection since they happen to be medical-grade masks, but simpler face masks will certainly keep people a lot safer than nothing at all. The most ideal way to react to the current pandemic is to simply stay inside but, of course, we eventually have to go out for food or other needs and that is precisely when a face mask should be worn.  While experts are quick to point out that the simplest of face masks (like the ones that people are making at home) will do very little when it comes to preventing the wearer from inhaling the virus, they will almost certainly keep someone who is infected from spreading it to others who happen to be close by. There are plenty of people who will tell you that if wearing a face mask reduces your chances of getting or spreading the virus, you should definitely wear one whenever you go out, even if the state that you happen to live in does not require it at all. Global-Genesis is a company that has gone out of its way to provide the medical industry and other businesses with wholesale facemasks and wholesale face shields during the crisis and continues to do so.

Using a face Mask
Using a face Mask

Face Masks Protect Us

People who realize how beneficial wholesale N95 respirators are will almost certainly choose to wear one at all times. However, there is evidence that suggests that a lot of people are choosing to use homemade face masks or cheap ones that can be easily purchased on the street or small shops instead of investing in wholesale facemasks and wholesale face shields either because they are not aware of where they can get them or in order to save money. But the fact of the matter is that the better the quality of the face mask that is used the better off the person wearing it and others will be. A good face mask should ideally be able to keep the person wearing it from inhaling particles that carry the COVID-19 virus as well as infecting others, but if the face mask in question is of a lesser quality that only helps by preventing the spread of the virus they are definitely still worth wearing because that in itself helps bring down the spread of COVID-19. Global-Genesis has responded to this crisis by providing medical facilities and others with the wholesale N95 respirators that they so desperately need.

Use Your Face Mask As Often As Possible

Even if the law does not yet require you to wear a face mask, you definitely should. Some people believe that anyone who is infected with coronavirus will show very obvious symptoms but that is not exactly the case. A lot of people are asymptomatic and that means that they will not show any symptoms at all while infected and openly infecting others. Just sitting back to consider that fact alone should make anyone want to use a wholesale N95 respirator at all times and choose to practice social distancing as much as possible.

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