Top Jewelry Styles for Gen Z

top jewelry trends
top jewelry trends

Gen Z makes up those who were born in the late ‘90s and into the early 2010’s. This unique group of goers has a strong opinion and want to be heard! Good at expressing themselves, their fashion and accessory choices speak volumes about who they are and what they stand for! Whether you fall into that category or you’re wanting to make a purchase for someone who is, read on to learn all about the top recommended jewelry styles for this group!

Statement Hoops

A loud but lovely accessory, statement hoops are oversized and come in all kinds of colors, shapes, metals, and embellishments. A favorite among the Gen Zer’s are crystal encrusted hoops. Peeking perfectly through strands of hair, these sparkly hoops can be worn with casual or fancy attire.

Simple and chic, gold or silver hoops also off set an outfit with ease. A universal accessory, that never goes out of style, hoops are always appropriate for any and every occasion.

The Gen Z fashionista will love a pair that falls to the shoulder (or slightly above) to complement their ensemble.

Some statement hoops have little charms dangling from them, like butterflies, flowers, or sparkly gems. Some statement hoops are made of pearls or other geometric stones. Regardless of their design, statement hoops certainly stand out like the Gen Zer.

Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly jewelry makes a beautiful, fun, and funky addition to any Gen Zer’s accessory drawer. Full of symbolism and style, butterfly jewelry can be worn in pendant, earring, or even ring form.

Best known for representing a metamorphosis of sorts throughout one’s life, butterfly jewelry can also represent femininity and grace. It can represent love, friendship, and best of all, some carefree fun!

Whether you opt for a large butterfly pendant charm or a sparkly embellishment on a ring, you can embrace this sweet accessory in style.

Butterfly hair accessories can also add some sparkle and style to plain strands, dressing it up a bit for casual and special occasions.

Because butterflies are a universal symbol and have been popular for decades (and still going strong), they are the ideal accessory to enhance a Gen Zer’s accepting and genuinely kind personality.

Stacked Rings

Stacked rings are also a favorite among the Gen Z crowd. Why? You can load up a lot on one finger or spread them out. Stacked rings come in all kinds of finishes, thicknesses, metals, and colors; making them wildly personable and fun.

Bracelet Layers

Layers of bracelets are loved by the Gen Zer’s. Much like stacked rings, they can be stacked and accessorized in many ways. Metals and other materials, like hemp strings, leather, and sparkly beads, can be mixed and matched to help create whatever vibe you’re striving for. These bracelets add just the right amount of texture and take basic tees and jeans to a whole new level.

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are pretty and can be worn casually or formally. Each pendant style charm that hangs from it can be selected to embody your personality and sense of fashion. Whether you choose to rock a butterfly charm, flower, heart, or a monogram or zodiac disc; these necklaces can be layered with other chains and strands in varying lengths.

Choker Necklaces

Choker necklaces sit tightly to the neck and have a retro 90’s look and feel to them, perfect for a Generation Z wearer who came to be in that decade. Choker’s draw attention to the neckline and help emphasize the shoulders and face. Often worn solo, these trendy accessories look cool when worn with other pendants in longer lengths, creating a shiny, layered look.

Thumb Rings

Another “look at me” accessory, thumb rings are large and in charge. Usually designed with a vibrant, colorful gemstone, these metallic items can also symbolize power and independence, perfect for those Gen Zers. Often ornately designed and etched with markings, thumb rings can be sleek or chic, or even have a tribal design, which is great for casual use.

Monogram Accessories

Whether worn on a necklace, flat faced ring, or charm style bracelet, Generation Zer’s love a monogram. Maybe it’s because they are proud of who they are, or even because this generation is into worshipping self and strongness; but nothing shows off your personality more than a monogram embellished accessory.

Serpent Style

Snake embellished accessories are striking and cool for Gen Zer’s to wear. Full of texture and even sparkle, these strong accessories wrap around your finger or wrist with ease and elegance.


This antiquated style is back in a big way. Designed as a Y, this necklace drapes around your neck and falls perfectly toward the chest, with a metallic or beaded strand. Perfect for those Gen Zers to wear with a deep v-neck top or wrap dress, Y necklaces are fun, flowing, and can be worn with casual or dressed up items.


A total throw back to Victorian days, lockets are trendy with the Gen Y crowd. Perfect to stow away a pint sized photograph of a friend or loved one, shiny gold or silver lockets can add that something special to any outfit. Wonderful to be worn alone, a locket can also work well with long and short layers of metallic strands; creating a staggered effect around the neck.

Consider choosing a locket with an organic looking emblem etched in, like a flower, butterfly, or decorative heart to make it more special.

In conclusion, the Generation Z group is one of a kind. In addition to enjoying other people, they are financially focused, total entrepreneurs, and they know tons about technology. Open to diversity and change the Gen Z group prefers independence and accepts all.

Help complement their unique personalities and styles with some of these top jewelry picks for their age range and personal style. Chvker, an online jewelry site is full of items that will peak Gen Zer’s interest and will resonate with their fashion sense. The designer, a Gen Zer herself understands this progressive group and her inclusive and artistic creations reflect their wants, needs, and views on life!


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