The Upcoming Volvo XC40 to have the New Android Infotainment System.

The upcoming fully electric Volvo Volvo XC40 will be powered by Android
The All New Volvo XC40 Electric to have Infotainment system powered by Android.

Launching on October 16, the Upcoming Volvo’s first electric vehicle SUV XC40 drops another a new detail about the car ahead of its launch set for this October. Volvo’s XC40 will be fully electric and sport an Infotainment System powered by Android. The Electric car will get Android operating system for Infotainment system called the “Android Automotive OS”.

Volvo will be Introducing Volvo XC40 with impressive smart technology,
Ingenious storage and design that expressive enough to design a life in and out of the city.

The Upcoming Volvo XC40 to have Google's Inbuilt features and other play store function
Volvo’s first electric vehicle SUV XC40 to have Google’s Inbuilt features and other play store function.


  • The Fully Electric XC40 will be first shown on October 16.
  • Android Automotive OS familiar to worldwide of users, tailored to run the car.
  • Volvo XC40 allows customer to use their voice for in car applications
  • The Fully Electric Vehicle Volvo XC40 gets updated every second with real-time data which improves road capabilities.
  • Integration with Google Assistance will enable to voice control the owner’s smart home devices, temperature for the car, setting the destination and playing music.

The company says that the system has designed and offered in partnership with Google. The Association is offering the advanced level of personalisation and have Google’s inbuilt features. Volvo XC40’s android infotainment system will have internet’s giant app’s like Maps, assistance and other play store function.

The electric Volvo XC40 is the first model to be sporting wireless software updates. Inbuilt google app is upgrading the personalization which allows customer to use it handy.

Volvo cars will continue to launch their developed software and will work on their connected services using its grown forces of engineers and world known digital services platform Volvo on call.

Volvo’s own system, Volvo On Call, will have full integration with this infotainment system. This allows drivers to easily monitor charging status and battery levels. Other existing On Call features such as engine start, parking lot location, and remote lock and unlock will remain available.

The XC40’s new infotainment system will be fully integrated with Volvo on call. The fully electric XC40 will be first unveiled to the world on October 16.

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