Tech Gifts To Buy For Your Family This Christmas


Christmas is a time of giving, receiving, and sharing merriment with the people you love. After this tumultuous year, it feels more appropriate than ever to create a wonderful festive period with your loved ones – and that includes buying the perfect gifts for your family. This article focuses on the world of technology, offering our technological gift picks, ones that you can purchase to make your children, your partner, or your parents happy this Yuletide. Read on for gift inspiration for this year’s big day. 

Smart TV

The rise of the smart TV has eclipsed all before it – and now, it’s common for most families to simply switch on their television and pick between Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Netflix to find their favorite show. This huge change in television watching – and film consumption – is something that all families can benefit from. As such, if your family is currently struggling on without a smart TV, this might be the time for you to invest in one. Search online for the best size, screen quality, and internet connectivity in order to treat your family to the best TV tech this winter. 

Smart Watch

The world of smart watches has come on leaps and bounds since the first iteration was trialled some years ago. Now, they’re smaller and lighter than ever before, and look far more like a conventional watches than they once did. They’re perfect for loved ones who are constantly communicating – with office workers, clients, customers, and friends – because they link you to all your communication accounts online. Use this Apple Watch comparison guide to find the best blend of features for your family member when buying one of the modern smart watches on the market today. 

New Consoles

If you’re buying or children who love to play on a games console, they’ll already have told you that they’re after one of the new consoles this Christmas. Now more than ever before, the distinction between Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox is incredibly pronounced – so you’ll have to choose between very different consoles for your children this Christmas. Make sure you also buy at least one game, so that your kids aren’t left with a piece of tech that they cannot use on Christmas Day. You can find the best new games on lists online, ranked by gaming journalists from all over the world. 


The rise of the e-reader continues, with hundreds of thousands being sold each year. This has meant that, for most people, it’s easiest to get hold of an e-reader and to open up any book to read on the comfort of a small, light screen. Whether or not your family are book-worms, this is a great introduction to reading for your children – who will be used to playing games and watching television, but less used to settling down with a great book to read, digest, and learn from. These are also cheaper presents – something you can get for each member of your family. 

There are hundreds of tech gifts you can buy for your family this winter – but these four are the most exciting for families looking to update and upgrade their current gadgets for 2021. 


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