Why Study in Australia? Here are 10 Reasons!

Study in Australia
Study in Australia

In recent years, Australia has become a popular study destination in the world and more and more students choose to study in this wonderful country. Why? Here are 10 main reasons. If you are curious about that, just read on!

1. High-quality Education

The most important reason to study in Australia is that it provides high-quality education for students from all over the world. According to different world university rankings, several universities in Australia are often ranked among top 300 in the world, such as The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney, Australian National University, etc.

Why has Australia’s education consistently ranked among the top in the world? The main reason is that the government attaches great importance to the educational level and quality of domestic educational institutions and requires strict requirements.

Whether it is universities, primary and secondary schools, vocational education and training or English language training, there are comprehensive and complete quality assurance measures to ensure high-quality education.

The role of teachers is also crucial. While imparting knowledge, they are good at inspiring students to think independently and encouraging students to challenge themselves. This is why Australia has cultivated countless outstanding talents, including many Nobel Prize winners.

2. More Reasonable Cost

According to the statistics, the tuition fee for international students in Australia for the higher education is about 29,000AUD. The basic living expenses of life in Australia, including water, electricity, Internet, public transportation, etc., are about 311AUD per week, which means that the annual cost is 16,000 AUD. In addition, the school will provide students with advice on accommodation and expenses, including renting, hostels, residential colleges, and boarding schools, which will reduce your costs in accommodation.

Besides, medical insurance is compulsory for all full-time overseas students. This insurance allows overseas students to enjoy basic medical benefits during their studies in Australia, get necessary medical protection, and solve the worries of parents.

3. Widely Recognized Academic Qualifications

As the first-class education level of Australian universities has been widely recognized all over the world, its students graduates have an international competitive advantage when they return to their country.

At present, 148 Australian schools (including 42 universities and higher education institutions, 67 private colleges, 39 public technical and continuing education colleges) issued diplomas recognized by many countries.

4. Extensive courses

Australia’s qualifications have a unique framework system: the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). It covers 15 academic qualifications recognized by the Australian government, closely links Australia’s higher education, vocational education and primary and secondary education, and ensures the uniformity of the academic qualifications issued across the country through rules and regulations.

5. Legal Protection

A country with a sound legal system is the greatest guarantee for students studying there.

Moreover, Australia is the only country in the world that has passed legislation to protect the interests of international students -the ESOS aims to protect every overseas student who holds a student visa to study in Australia.

6. Beautiful Learning and Living Environment

If you want to study in a country with beautiful scenery and good environment, then Australia is the right choice. Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney have consistently ranked at the top of the “World’s Most Liveable Cities” ranking. Melbourne has been voted the most livable city in the world for many years.

7. Work Legally

Although most families do not need their children to share the financial pressure of the family by doing part-time jobs, it is a good way for international students to adapt to the society and working environment in advance.

In Australia, international students can work up to 20 hours a week, or full-time during holidays.

8. Fair and Transparent Visa Process

To study abroad, a visa is the entry threshold, but visas in some countries are really difficult.

In contrast, Australia has a relatively high over-visa rate, and it uses an electronic visa, no face-to-face visa is required, and the processing cycle is about 30 days.

Overseas students who want to study in Australia can apply for the corresponding type of student visa to enter the country by themselves or through professional intermediary agencies.

Want to know how to apply for an Australian student visa, you can view: How to apply for a student visa in Australia.

9. Convenient Immigration Conditions

Australia’s immigration conditions are relatively easy to achieve compared to other countries, which is beneficial to the students who want to immigrate to Australia after completing the study.

10. Sound Social Welfare

Australia can be said to be one of the countries with the best social welfare. You can get a government subsidy of 10,000AUD for your first home purchase. The first newborn can receive nearly 2,000AUD in bonuses for the family, and all students from government elementary school to high school can have free compulsory education. Except for that, unemployment has unemployment benefits, about 450-699AUD, paid out every to weeks. In addition, there are benefits such as medical care and university loan subsidies.

That’s all for why study in Australia. If you are choosing a country to take your abroad study, you can consider this wonderful country.


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