Understanding The Difference Between a Spring Assisted Knife & an Automatic Knife


If you love knives, then you know that there are several different knives available in the market. Most people will have spring assisted openers, which most people know as assisted opening pocket knives. Yet, some people will prefer to use automatic knives.

Remarkably, several people will look at automatic knives and spring assisted knives as the same. But they are different types. Yet, confusion is still among thousands, if not hundreds of users. To fully understand the difference between a spring assisted knife and an automatic knife, you will have to read this article. The objective of this article is to show you the differences.

In the meantime, here is what you should know about the automatic knife and the spring assisted knife.

Understanding the Automatic Knife

It is also referred to as a switchblade. An automatic knife is a type of folding knife. “Automatic” means the blade in the knife can be made accessible without doing anything. In most situations, you could press the button to push the blade in its best position. It is called an automatic knife because of the fast deployment of the blade without assistance.

Understanding the Spring Assisted Knife

Other people will refer to it as an assisted opening knife. The knife will function similar to what the name recommends. Well, little assistance is needed to deploy the blade. If the user slightly opens the blade, the blade will open fast and position itself correctly. It is a type of folding knife where the blade is folded inside the knife handle. The blade will be opened with assistance from the hand. 

Spring Assisted Knives vs. Automatic Knives: Knowing the Difference

The vital difference that exists between the automatic knife and the spring assisted knife is the function. The knives have different functions because the deployment method is different in both knives. A spring assisted knife will be used if the blade is deployed if the user applies pressure. If not, the blade will remain intact in the knife’s handle. Little assistance is required if you want to open the blade. With the spring assisted knife, you won’t find a locking mechanism to keep the handle’s blade. So, nothing is holding the blade firmly. When an individual tries to deploy the blade with a flipper, some resistance will prevent the blade’s deployment. The spring will catch and release the blade to its right position.

With an automatic knife, the blade will leave the handle if you push the button. It is also referred to as a “flick knife.” This is because it will look like a regular folder. Yet, when a user is done using it, the inside spring ensures the blade is pushed inwards. After it’s closed, the tension will leave the knife if the button is pressed. If the button is pressed, the pressure will be exerted on the blade, and it will be deployed without additional force.

If you want to learn the differences between the automatic knife and the spring assisted knife, it is crucial to know they both function. You should know the opening and locking mechanism when using the knives because it makes them different.

How to Notice the Difference if You Have Both Knives

What are the things you need to check to know if a knife is an assisted opening or an automatic knife? What you need to check is the blade’s position while it’s not in use. The knife will be an automatic knife if the blade opens without resistance. But if the blade isn’t blocked and remains closed, it will be a spring assisted knife. Yet, the knife should have this mechanism for deploying the blade.

Another method to identify and know the difference is that you could deploy the blade without putting pressure on the knife. If you open the blade quickly, that should be the automatic knife. Conversely, if you use the spring assisted knife, you will be needed to apply some pressure on the knife. You can press the thumb stud linked to the knife, and the blade will be deployed.

Also, the best method of knowing the actual difference is if the knife has a button. If it has a button, the knife is automatic. A spring assisted knife will not have a push-button. Therefore, if you know how to check for these signs, you can determine if the knife is a spring assisted or automatic. Ensure you know how to spot the differences to be aware of what you’re carrying when you’re going camping or hiking.


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