7 Tips For Taking Care of a Sports Car

sports car care
sports car care

Are you a sports car enthusiast? Do you live for the need for speed? Is there nothing better than driving with the top down, music pumping, the wind on your face and without a care in the world?

Owning a sports car is a mark of status. And status is something that needs maintenance, at all costs. And so your sports car also needs maintenance and regular care.

In this handy article, we’re going to share seven tips for taking care of a sports car. Read on to discover what they are.

Regular Servicing and Maintenance

Your sports car is a high-performance, well-tuned beast of a vehicle. And so it needs regular mechanical care, inspections and maintenance

First, find a mechanic that specialises in sports cars. This may be the service centre at the dealership, or it may be a specialised local mechanic.

Make sure that you book your car in for its scheduled servicing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is usually every six months or five thousand kilometres.

Wash it Often

You want your precious car to gleam and shine, all year round. So you’ll need to wash and wax it often, probably once a week. You can do this yourself or hire a car detailer to do it for you.

A word of warning though – avoid drive-through car washes. The brushes on these can be harsh and may scratch your precious paint job.

Check the Tyres

Make sure to frequently check your tyres, as high speeds can cause wear and tear. Check for wear but also check the pressure and make sure they stay inflated to their optimum rate. The manufacturer will have a recommended PSI pressure for them. 

Take your car in for regular wheel balancing, rotation and alignment as well.

Maintain Fluid Levels

Also, you need to check and maintain your car’s fluid levels. This is the oil, steering fluid, brake fluid and the like. Because your car performs better than other models, it may lose fluid at a quicker rate. Make this part of your maintenance routine.

Look After the Inside Too

The interior of your sports car should be immaculate. Make sure to regularly clean it, such as wiping down the surfaces and vacuuming often.

You may want to instigate a no eating and drinking rule in your car and apply it to yourself as well as your passengers. Imagine spilling a coffee, milkshake or getting greasy food on your precious leather interior. The horror!

Park Undercover

Always park your sports car undercover and in a locked garage if possible. This is to protect your high-performance car from the elements and from any potential thieves. If you don’t have a garage at home, invest in a car cover to keep it protected from the rain and hail.

Drive Carefully

Finally, remember to be careful. Driving your car recklessly can endanger yourself and others, but also puts undue stress on your engine, transmission and brakes. Obey the speed limit and accelerate smoothly and consistently. 

Not only will this keep you and others safe, but it will extend the lifetime of your sweet wheels

Summing Up

Make sure that you service your car regularly, and wash it weekly. As part of your routine, you should be checking your fluid levels, tyre wear and pressure, and making sure to give the inside a good clean as well. Always park it undercover where possible, and make sure that you drive responsibly. Follow these tips and your pride and joy will last you many years from now. 


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