Most Effective Methods to Speed Up Your Mac

How To Speed Up Mac
How To Speed Up Mac

Macs are great computers both for work and entertainment. Mostly, they are appreciated because of their speed and amazing performance. Surely, there are always the Apple brand fans that enjoy the design, but no one can argue that both the performance and the design of Apple devices are incredible.

Unfortunately, not even Macs are immune to time. After you had a Mac for a few years, it is still functioning pretty well. But the most noticeable downside that you will notice is the decreased speed of your Mac. And the less you take care of your Mac, the faster this will happen.

Therefore no matter what your argument is for choosing a Mac – either it’s for work or for entertainment, you still need to know the main methods to speed up your Mac after it becomes slower. So today, in this article, we are about to share a few methods that will help you out with boosting your Mac’s performance. 

Method #1 – Clean Your Hard Drive

The main task you will have to accomplish if you want your Mac running fast again is decluttering your hard-drive. This is because the more clogged up it is, the slower your computer will perform. So we suggest you start by deleting old and unused files. 

The more you delete, the better. But ideally, you should have at least 15-20% of free space on the hard-drive for your Mac to function properly. To start cleaning up your hard drive, you can either find a website with specialized tools or do it manually. 

If you see that you have already deleted all that you could, but you still have a lot of space on your hard-drive, especially if you work with photography and create a large number of files, then you should consider purchasing a hard-drive and keeping your files there. 

Method #2 – Keep Your Files Online

Another method that is similar to placing your files into an external hard-drive is using a cloud-based platform and keeping your files online. This is even better than keeping your files in an external device because it will never break or get stolen. 

Of course, if you want to use a cloud-based service and have constant access to your files, you will have to be able to access the internet connection. But this will also give you bigger accessibility to your files – you will have the possibility to access them from any computer, phone, or tablet.

The files will be also easier to share because you will not have to transfer large files via WeTransfer or multiple emails. You will be able to do it much faster – all you will have to do is copy a link and send it to whoever you want to. Plus, if you ever run out of space, you can always upgrade to a better plan.

Method #3 – Use the “About This Mac” Function

To see how much of the storage are your apps and files taking up on your Mac, you can easily figure it out and manage it by using the About this Mac function. To open it, just click the Apple icon in the top left corner of Mac’s screen. Then click About this Mac, and choose Storage.

Wait a few moments until Mac calculates all of the data, and you will be able to see the statistics of what is using the most space on your computer. More to it, if you click Manage, and choose Recommendations, you can use the given advice to clean up some space on your Mac:

– Empty Trash Automatically. If you choose this one, your Mac will automatically delete all of the items from your Trash Bin after 30 days. Surely, if possible, you should remind yourself to do it more often, but it is still a great help, and will make the Mac boot faster.

– Store in iCloud. This will let your computer store most of your files in the iCloud instead of your Mac. And you can still access these files from your computer anytime you want – you’ll just save a lot of valuable space this way and help your Mac run faster.

– Optimize Storage. If you enable this option, Mac will automatically detect iTunes TV shows and movies you have already watched and will not keep it on the computer anymore.

– Reduce Clutter. This one will guide you through deleting the largest files and downloads that you have stored on your Mac. This way, you can quickly increase the amount of free space on your computer.


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