Smartphone As An Indispensable Assistant At Home


Sometimes at home, there are not enough tools for small household needs – measuring devices, scanners, etc. A smartphone and mobile apps come to the rescue, which will help you easily cope with small household tasks. For example, there are garage door opener apps that allow you to open your garage doors without having to get out of the car. Read more on freeappsforme.

Home Inventory

An application that allows you to save the necessary information about all the items in your home. It is useful if you want to do a home inventory and always have a list of items at hand.

The home inventory list can save the serial numbers of modems, phones, refrigerators, and other appliances, receipts for newly purchased equipment, and other important numbers that may be useful to you in case of repairs. Both numbers and photos of items are saved.


This DIY guide with photos and descriptions from users. It is useful if you are looking for new ideas for your home.

Here you can find almost everything: sink cleaning manuals, instructions for decorating interior items, gardening tips, recipes, and so on. The rubricator allows you to select the desired topic in a few taps, whether it is Technology, Practical lessons, Life, Food, Games, or Out of the house. Any registered user can share their own “how to secret” in their profile.

Bubble Level – measuring tools

One of the many utilities for various measurements (bubble level, object alignment, angle measurement, compass, metal detection before drilling). But there is also an interesting AR Ruler function that allows the user to specify his camera and measure the distance between objects. Then you can also save this image with geodata, date, and measurements to your phone.

The application has a user-friendly interface and a beautiful icon, which distinguishes it from others.

Home Routines

The digital planner of all household chores with reminders. It is useful if you want to take control of routine tasks, from washing dishes to General cleaning.

The service is easily synced with your household management system: just create a personal to-do list. There is a zoning function that allows you to define tasks for specific home zones. As well as a function for sorting tasks by the desired frequency of completion: daily task, weekly, one-time, and so on. The app will remind you in a friendly way of all the household chores that you need to complete, and award you a star for each completed item on the list.

Our Home

This app will be especially useful for families with children. You can distribute household tasks among all family members and compete in their performance. You can connect everyone to the service and see who completed or did not complete their task.

For additional motivation, there are rewards — with them, children will love cleaning! OurHome also allows you to keep a joint shopping list and celebrate important family dates.


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