Slots are Now One of the Most Popular Types of Online Entertainment – Here’s Why


    In 2020, we’re used to being entertained constantly. In our instant gratification society, boredom has become anathema to us, and content creators are forever introducing new and exciting ways for us to combat this.

    Fifty years ago, entertainment was simple: you’d read a book or play a board game if you were at a loose end. If neither appealed you might switch on your TV, flicking through the limited black-and-white channels to see if anything caught your eye.

    Today, such a lack of options is impossible to imagine. We desire novelty in all things, and developers and marketers recognize and respond to this – a trend never more in evidence than when we look at the online gambling industry.

    We consider why it – and, in particular, the slot games it offers – have experienced such snowballing popularity.

    Burgeoning growth

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    If there’s one word to describe the infinite number of slot titles on the market, it’s ‘diverse’. From the Fishin’ Frenzy slot game to Christmas-themed content, there’s a clear intention to cater to all interested parties. What the casino industry desires, above all, is to offer something for everyone.

    Take the game we linked to above. It’s simple, whimsical, and offers an incredible number of ways to win. Some of its counterparts, on the other hand, are intricate and detailed, requiring a degree of focus and concentration to fully understand them. The idea is to provide something for every mood and palette.

    And this approach works – the statistics make that eminently clear. With burgeoning growth and a huge annual turnover, the online gambling sector is very obviously going from strength to strength.

    Illustrating this fact are the numbers. As of today, the internet industry has an estimated global worth of $52 billion; by 2023, this figure is expected to almost double, to a phenomenal $93 billion.

    In line with this, the industry keeps on pushing, producing ever more and varied content. Month by month, the number of games on the market grows, so that there is now an infinite assortment of options out there to choose from.

    But what exactly is driving this demand?

    A truly 21st-century entertainment

    Source: Unsplash

    If there is one overarching factor driving this growth, it’s that slots are a truly 21st-century entertainment. Working with the vast amount of technology at our disposal, they’re continually evolving to meet our changing needs.

    What we mean by this is that as software, graphics, and our technological capabilities become ever more complex and intricate, so too do the games that are made available. This provides a sense of unmatched novelty that appeals to our easily bored society.   

    More than this, the slots industry is continually looking for ways to improve its offerings. It’s not only that it designs ever more enjoyable games for the user, but that it takes the end-to-end experience seriously, constantly upgrading its security measures and customer service capabilities. When we play, we thus feel looked after, helping to create a sense of connection that can be lacking in our fast-paced modern world.

    Perhaps most pertinent, however, is the simple fact that slots are fun; that they offer a sense of escapism that appeals to our overworked and overtired society, and which stimulates our imaginations when we want simply to enjoy ourselves.


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