Top 7 Slip Injuries which a lawyer deals with

Slip and Fall Injury
Slip and Fall Injury

We slip, slip, and then slip some more. Even though some may just be a laughable incident for most of us watching, the effects of this kind of incident may leave a tremendous impact. It is often a matter of time that these incidents turn into unfortunate accidents for most.

People suffer from serious injuries when encountered with a slip and fall accident. Previously it has been reported that slips have been listed as the major cause for the demand for emergency rooms in hospitals. Slip Injury or accidents contributes to severe productivity loss and immense pain for most individuals out there. However, a personal injury lawyer can help you to get your compensation to and fight the case in court.

Common Slip Injury Lawyers Deal with

Slip injuries cause significant and severe damages to our bodies. Some of the common effects are broken bones, sprained ankles and wrists, knee damage, shoulder dislocations, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, and bruises all over the body.  Let us discuss these injuries in detail.

1. Broken Bones:

Bones are often broken when more pressure is exerted on the bone than it can generally withstand. A slip can cause a stressful and immense force on bones in different parts of the body. In such slip and fall accidents, some of the common injuries are the wrist, hip, and ankle fractures. It is said that the chances of broken bones due to slip accidents increase the older you get. Consult a personal injury lawyer after having an accident occurred.

2. Sprained Ankles and Wrists:

During a sudden slip and fall, you often throw your arms or hands to protect yourself through your instinct. This leads to injuries in your ankles and wrists. One of the common cases is when you tear your ligaments in your ankles and wrists in a fall. This causes a sprain and often an injury.

It usually takes a long time for any person to heal from a sprain in ligaments because of the lack of a greater amount of blood. Although initially, an injury of this sort may seem like a small issue, it may, however, cause significant troubles and consequences in a person’s way of living. A personal injury lawyer can help you in this case.

3. Knee Damage:

Knee damages are more likely to happen if you experience a twist when falling. Knees are made up of a group of bone and ligaments altogether. In the event of a knee injury, you might end up hurting your MCL or ACL.

This may amount to more significant time loss as you may not recover anytime soon. In a more severe case, you might also dislocate your patella, which requires a more rigorous treatment procedure like a knee reconstruction instantly or in the future. It is also recommended to hire a personal injury lawyer if you want compensation for the accident.

4. Shoulder Dislocations:

This is a much more detrimental injury that requires immediate attention and surgery for healing. Shoulder dislocations usually occur due to a hard hit on your shoulder while falling or jarring your shoulder while trying to help yourself when falling down. Long-term treatment plans are required to deal with injuries of such magnitude.

5. Nerve Damage:

Nerves are very fragile. These are some of the most sensitive parts of our body that needs to remain in good condition to ensure good health. In the event of slip and fall, nerve damage may occur, which might happen due to experiencing severe trauma from cuts or stretching. It would be best if you were careful as these damages might be permanent or temporary, depending on the magnitude of the injury.

6. Traumatic Brain Injury:

This kind of injury depends highly on the fact whether you hit your head or not when you fell. In other cases, it is often witnessed that even though a direct hit may not occur, even a jolt in a brain may result in serious consequences.

People usually don’t understand the severity of a brain injury because it might not show symptoms straight away. However, it is serious and severe for any individual experiencing one. If not treated in time, brain injury can cause further secondary injuries, such as which may have much more severe repercussions. It is highly recommended to see a specialist to identify any damage and evaluate it.

7. Cuts and Bruises:

Any external or internal damage can result in a cut or bruise when you experience a fall. A cut may seem pretty small compared to all other injuries spoken above. However, it may turn out to be serious if a disfigurement occurs. It is suggested that you take pictures of cuts and bruises to file your injury information accurately and adequately.


You might let yourself slip every now and then, but only and you are responsible for your well-being. Therefore whenever you do, make sure to get yourself checked up to ensure proper treatment to recover from any loss.

Some of the major implications of a slip injury are mentioned in this article. Now it is your responsibility to be aware of any uncertain risks regarding your health and seek proper treatment to fight a slip injury in the most suitable manner possible.


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