What is Skype’s “Meet Now” Feature & How To Use It In Skype?

Skye "Meet now" - The Best Alternative to Zoom Video Call.

While all the companies are currently on work from home, Zoom has bloomed out as the best virtual meeting app but is still battling with issues around security.

Skype has introduced another sort of video call whereby nobody needs to sign up for an account or join, in a comparison to Zoom. Skype’s “Meet Now”, allows you to sign up with any prompt and even the host of the meeting doesn’t need to sign up or install any file.

Skype explains the new “Meet Now” as a “hassle-free approach to connect” with different people or teammates that doesn’t require a sign-up, or download any file. Meet Now in Skype enables you to handily set up a coordinated effort space and welcome both Skype contacts and companions or family who are not on Skype. Members can then effectively join gatherings whether they have a record or not

How Do I Create A Skype Meeting?

Step 1: Go to the app in your PC or web link. Once done, go for Skype Log in. If you do not have a Skype account, you create a Skype New Account.

Step 2: Once you are logged in to the app using your Skype id, you’ll see the app something like this if you are on the latest version. You should check that either the message icon or the call icon is opted.

Skype Meet Now - How To Use Step By Step Guide
Skype Meet Now – How To Use Step By Step Guide

Step 3: Click the Meet Now Button. And you can begin setting up a call. If you are on your phone, try clicking the Blue color pen icon in the bottom right end corner.

Step 4: After you click the “Meet Now”, the set-up screen for the page shows your meeting’s unique URL link. By clicking on it, it will copy the URL to your clipboard, you can then easily paste it an email or your other messaging app. You can then click on Share Now or can also send the obtained URL directly to the connected email accounts.

Skype Meet Now - How To Use Step By Step Guide
Skype Meet Now – How To Use Step By Step Guide

Step 5: You can then select on Start Call.

Step 6: Your managed Skype call will automatically start using your connected webcam & microphone. Anyone who will have your shared URL link can then join the call at any time.

Step 7: You can choose Share Call Link to share the connection to any members who despite everything need a welcome, or snap the symbol in the upper right corner to add more individuals to the call.

How To Join The Call With The “Meet Now” Invitation?

Skype Meet Now invite will automatically open your installed Skype app on your device. Even if you’re not logged in, you can connect to the call or join the meeting as a guest. For the cases where Skype is not installed on your desktop, the invite opens the Skype for Web as per your convenience. You can always install Skype on your device and can create Skype new account.

Skype Meet Now Invite
Skype Meet Now Invite

The Meet Now link can be accessed anytime when you need it. Skype stores your call recordings for maximum of 30 days and the shared media in the chat fro more than 30 days. Meet Now in Skype is the best zoom video call alternative and is the best option for your conference calls, webinars or work interviews.

What All Things To Do During The Meeting?

Meet Now call controls

– Open all your recent chats.
– View people currently in the call.
– Share a Meet Now link.
– You can record the call.
– Mute or unmute the call.
– You can turn video on or off.
– Disconnect the call.
– Open any conversation.
– Share the screen with the participants.
– Share reaction to the call.
– View rest of the options.

Zoom is struggling to manage a lot of issues in terms of maintaining service with such huge demand, and the security. It seems that Skype wants to utilize and make an attempt on these by trying to attract users with very easy-to-use video call feature.


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