Skrill Coupled Up With Wix to Provide Online Payments for Businesses

    skrill & wix
    skrill & wix

    Nothing makes a greater impact on the market than when two companies that are among the biggest players in their respective fields decide to join forces. That is exactly what happened with the latest deal between Skrill, the huge digital payment company with 36 million clients, and Wix, a website building platform that hosts 160 million websites.

    This is a very powerful alliance that has the potential to disrupt the world of online payments for businesses.

    Skrill and Wix Join Forces

    Recently there was big news in the world of e-commerce and digital payments when the two major players, Skrill and Wix decided to team up.

    This deal has a global significance, as Skrill’s payment options enable businesses to accept payments in more than 40 countries. This means that they can carry out transactions with more than 80 international banks and that these transactions can be done with local payment methods or credit and debit cards. Alternative payment options such as Skrill’s digital wallet, and others, will also be on offer.

    After this deal, the businesses will be able to use Skrill’s payment solutions within the environment offered by Wix – known to be easily and quickly set up. An additional advantage of this deal is that Skrill’s parent company Paysafe developed other products that can now be integrated with Wix, such as Paysafecash (online cash solution) and Rapid Transfer (bank transfer solution).

    The CEO of Skrill, Lorenzo Pellegrino, was very satisfied with the new deal: “The last year has been a pivotal one for many businesses or sole traders who may not have considered growing their online presence before, and the checkout has proved to be a vital consideration as part of this.

    By integrating Skrill and strengthening and diversifying their checkout, businesses looking to make the leap online or grow their e-commerce presence with Wix will have a competitive advantage. We are truly excited at the prospect of what our online partners can achieve as a result of this new collaboration.”

    What does Wix do Exactly?

    Wix is an awesome drag-and-drop site builder that has become a major player in the last few years. On the one hand, it’s because it offers huge amounts of free templates, is easy to use and ideal for building small websites, and provides its hosting as well as free and paid domain name options. On the other hand, in addition to having a good product, Wix was very skillful in the way it conducted its marketing campaign: they hired stars like Gal Gadot, Heidi Klum, and Jason Statham.

     And with a quality product and a great campaign, success came quickly for Wix: today it hosts more than 160 million websites!

    The layouts offered by Wix are ideal for building websites for small businesses and most of their users are online stores, restaurants, photographers, and musicians. It goes without saying that websites built with Wix are optimized for mobile use, as well as that they can be easily enhanced by the many apps available in the Wix App Market.

    From Moneybookers to Skrill

    On the other hand, Skrill is a digital wallet company established in 2001 (as Moneybookers). Today it operates in more than 120 countries and has more than 36 million clients to whom it offers its digital wallet services in 40 different currencies. In 2015, Skrill was acquired by Paysafe Group.

    Skrill users can upload money to their wallet by using bank transfers, cards as well as many other payment methods. The money can be used to pay businesses, to pay other Skrill users, or to buy cryptocurrency. The company also offers its Skrill Money Transfer service that enables you to send money to an overseas bank account.

    It’s interesting that when it was founded, and still operated under the Moneybookers name, the company was primarily focused on overlooking services for the gambling industry. Before the company went through a big rebranding campaign in 2011, companies such as online casinos and sports bettors constituted the bulk of its clientele. Today, even though Skrill is mostly used by e-shops or gaming platforms such as Steam, online casinos are still among its top users. It’s clear from websites like that there really are many popular gambling payment methods. However, despite the competition, Skrill pretty much always features in these lists and is by far among the payment methods with the biggest online gambling presence.

    The new deal between Skrill and Wix will certainly have a big impact on the industry. The alliance between the two companies, which will result in the integration of the web building system that currently hosts more than 160 million websites, with the digital payment system offered by Skrill, which already has millions and millions of users globally, cannot be overstated.

    Keep an eye on this new alliance and the developments it will foster. Our bet is that both companies will greatly prosper from it and potentially redefine the industry.


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