7 Simple Ways to Find Information on Someone Online

find someone online
find someone online

Have you ever tried to find someone’s information on social media platforms but failed? 

It happens because most people do not provide correct information on these platforms. Additionally, you can only find a limited number of users on these websites. That is why you need a reliable solution that can track anyone without putting in a lot of effort. 

We found 7 applications that help you search for someone online. The best part is- You do not need to let anyone know about this task as you can do it privately.

All these websites are completely safe and do not require you to register for an account. Sounds interesting?

Here are our recommendations to search for someone’s information online.


Finding someone’s information is much easier when you are backed up by an application like CocoFinder. It works as a search engine to find public information from millions of information centers. All the data comes from official records of government agencies and you can rely on them for correct information.

Using its website will help you check someone’s full name, mobile number, address, and criminal record as well. Additionally, you can know about their education and professional background.

You can do all this without letting anyone know about it. All you need to do is visit the website and use the People Search option from the list. Additionally, you can use its background search to get an in-depth report of the person.

How to Use CocoFinder to Find Someone?

The process is quite easy as you can check its website and click on any feature you want. People search features help you get the contact information of a person. While the background check feature gives you complete information about that person.

Therefore, you can check your requirements and use the relevant feature for the task. We recommend checking out all its features to understand how this website works. As we mentioned earlier, it does not record your data or activities and you can search without worrying about it.


ZabaSearch is an online people finder that provides its services without any registration process. You can visit the website and start using its service to find public information. It is considered an excellent application for tracking people online.

It is famous for its social media profile feature that helps you to check someone’s online profiles by entering their name. Other than that, it works just like the previous application and provides effective solutions.

We recommend ZabaSearch for a complete people tracking experience from credible sources. However, please go through its privacy policy to ensure you do not violate them.


If someone is calling you from an unknown number, you can use this platform. It has all the services that you need to find someone’s information online. However, it also offers a phone lookup service that helps you check the owner of any phone number. 

TruthFinder has more than a million users due to its effective services. You can trust this platform to find someone’s information within a minute. On top of that, you can get a report to access information in an easier way.

Tip: Check out its website to learn more about it.

Instant Checkmate

As the name suggests, Instant Checkmate is a website that helps you check someone’s public information without letting them know. We love this platform due to its advanced features. You can get someone’s phone number, address, or business information just by searching for their name on this platform.

Additionally, its phone lookup service can find the owner of virtual numbers as well. If you are unaware of this feature, we suggest you check out their website to learn more about it.


Intelius is another solution that helps you search for public information online. Although it was found to locate spam calls, you can do a people search on the website too. All you need to do is enter their first & last name and hit the search option.

It will gather all the information and as you can access it whenever you want. Although the website is a bit tricky, you can still use it without paying a single dollar for it. That is the reason why people love this website.


SpyDialer has one of the most effective databases that can search for any information you want. Its website is user-friendly and offers quick solutions for all your requirements. The website is famous for its phone lookup feature that can track any phone number.

Additionally, it has a spam filter that improves your tracking experience with advanced features. Thus, you can choose this application as a quick way to get someone’s information online.

Note: The website suffers downtimes frequently. That is why we recommend using any other application in such cases.


The name of this website says it all. You can check someone’s true identity by entering their phone number. Additionally, you can check them based on the city or area or they live in. 

The user interface of this website is not up to our expectations. There is a simple homepage where you can enter the name you want to search for. Once it gets the profile, you can download a report and check the information.

Final Words

These were some of the best websites to find someone online. It can be a long-lost friend or some business partner, you can search them on these platforms. People use these solutions to perform a background check on their neighbors, employee, and babysitters.

It helps them ensure that there is nothing wrong with the people they interact with. If you are confused, we suggest you go with CocoFinder. It is a complete platform that offers reliable information from official records. 

You can also get some exciting results from the website as it has one of the widest databases. Thus, you can trust it to find any information you want.

You can try this solution on your profile as well.


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