Reasons Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Silica Gel Packets: Benefits and Uses

silica gel packets uses and benefits
silica gel packets uses and benefits

So you got yourself a new handbag or a pair of shoes and got that useless silica gel packet that you would rather throw away, right? Wrong! Those silica gel packets can be of some fair use for you. Those little packets do way more than what may seem. They help to absorb any moisture and keep things like your handbag dry, this keeps from getting anything gross happening inside. 

Silica Gel is indeed an excellent product for you to keep around the house. This article will discuss why you should never throw away those silica gel packets and how you can use them for your own benefit. 

Home Uses For Silica Gel PacketsĀ 

Put Packets Near Photo Albums 

An excellent way to make use of silica gel packets instead of having to waste them is to put them near your photo albums. You may have noticed time and time again that some pages in these photo albums tend to absorb moisture and ruin their hold and appearance. Silica gel can help you avoid this significantly! This allows you to keep your photos and memories safe by using something you did not think you would have needed before.

Add to camera bag 

Another smart way to use silica gel packets is to put one in your camera bag with all of your essential camera equipment and lenses. This will save you from the dreadful experience of damaging your camera lens or equipment efficiently. You can also put these packets next to your polaroids, as it will aid in them staying dry and crisp instead of getting moisture in and becoming a soggy mess. 

Use Them in Your Basement 

The lower story of a building is expected to attract moisture. Using silica gel packets in various containers and placing them in your basement is an excellent remedy to avoid damaged walls, floors, and ceilings. It helps your basement, which is prone to get moisture, to stay nice and dry! 

Keep Them Near Important Files 

Everyone owns that one cabinet or box, which is full of vital documents and files. And you are scared they could absorb moisture and possibly ruin them? Not to worry. Silica gel packets to the rescue. Just place them into your cabinets and cupboards to avoid any damage to your necessities.  

Save Your Mobile Phone 

It is a fact that when you drop your phone in water, you lose all hope for recovery. But silica gel uses can help you get your phone back in good shape or at least to the point where it turns on and can later be fixed. Just put your wet mobile phone in a jar full of silica gel packets and wait. 

This also works much better than placing it rice or any other absorbing technique. Silica gel packets are used for these kinds of stuff, so you are safe from losing your phone to the dark side forever! 

Put Them In Your Gym Bag 

So you notice you go to a gym, and afterward, your bags reek of that odor, and you end up having to wash them regularly. Try using silica gel packets. Start to place them before your next workout. This will ensure that when you put all of your sweaty clothes and socks into your bag, the moisture is sucked in and away from your belongings, and helps you from having to keep washing the bag after every use. 

Extend the life of your razors 

Replacing your razor blades can get easily irritable when you have to do it over and over again. You can reduce the times of replacing them by placing your razors in a pouch or bag full of silica gel packets with the zip closed. It extends the life of your razors, allowing you much more use and saves you both time and money. 


As reviewed in this article, silica gel packets can be handy when not wasted. Half of the people are unaware of what they are what they can do. This article is meant to educate you on how common folk can take advantage of these little moisture-sucking machines. You can even reuse these packets if you are running low on them by heating them in the oven for a few minutes. 

They help you retain and keep safe a variety of things that may be important to you. So, are you going to start saving these packets instead of throwing them out? 


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