Comfortable Shorts For Men


A pair of shorts can make you stand out among colleagues or holidaymakers or make you look ugly and make you uncomfortable. Whether you are looking for a holiday short, a winter season pair of shorts, or a hot summer attire, you need a comfortable pair of shorts. What looks perfect and fitting for another man may not serve you. Some of the factors to consider while choosing a pair of comfy shorts for men are as follows.

Get the right fit

A pair of shorts that do not correspond to your size can make you look odd. No matter how you like wearing shorts, it is not enough to wear shorts that do not fit you correctly. Your shorts should not be too baggy or too tight. Your shorts should end at the bottom of your thighs and not below your knees. You do not want shorts that are so wide that your legs look weak or worse, shorts that are wide at the bottom and slim at the top.

The occasion

The occasion determines the type of shorts you wear, and it may be uncomfortable if you interchange shorts meant for different occasions.


  • Cotton material is light and suitable when temperatures soar but hold on to sweat and moisture for a long time.
  • Linen is not a popular material for shorts, but it is lightweight and requires regular ironing because it is prone to wrinkles.
  • Synthetic materials are light and breathable, making it suitable for sports kits because they absorb sweat from the skin.

Body shape

Your body shape determines the shape of the shorts you buy. Avoid purchasing shorts blindly without considering the build-up of your legs.


Men feel comfortable in dull colors and not colors like pink, white, yellow, and red. A mixture of bright colors can also be a brilliant choice.


Multiple pockets are useful but make shorts look very casual and not very suitable for many occasions. Some of the comfortable shorts for men are as follows

Saltwater flat-front chino shorts

Saltwater flat-front chino shorts are made of pure cotton and are compatible with any body shape. This pair of shorts has back pockets, button closure, rest lower on your waist, and not forgetting the zip fly.

Apolis transition scout short

The Apolis transition is a nylon product with a flat front and button sides. The pair of shorts is perfect for the summer with polo shirts, and it comes in a design that hits slightly above the knee.

Bridge and burn stringer shorts

Bridge and burn are a product of lightweight cotton and linen, and the grey color makes it compatible with any other top attire. The attire is one of the most fabulous American made summer shorts. This pair of shorts features one-button with a flap pocket at the front, which adds to its compatibility with polo shirts and sneakers.

Bonobos washed chino shorts

Bonobos washed chino shorts come in a wide range of colors made from chino fabric. The khaki color is the most popular among others. The shorts are compatible with any other attire.


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