Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Might Not Be Working

SEO Not Working
SEO Not Working

The failure of your SEO strategy might be because Google is on a witch hunt. It is always hard for marketers to accept that the failures could be their own doing. For one to be successful, you not only need to accept failures but also when you make them. It will be tempting to blame external factors for your failure to rank. Here are some of the common reasons why SEO strategy might not be working and what you can do to fix it.

Using Outdated Tactics

You might have massive success in the past but you’re wondering why you can replicate it in the last few years. It could be that you’re still stuck with the old tactics. Google is constantly improving the algorithm to provide the best experience for the user. Using content machines is no longer effective as search engines have gotten smarter when it comes to assessing the quality. The same can be said for tactics such as using only long-tail keywords when developing content. Any good Atlanta SEO company will tell you that one has to be up to date with changes that are happening in the SEO world.  Google is constantly making changes and it is crucial that you’re abreast of happening at any given time as it could have a direct impact on your rankings.

Poor User Experience

No one wants to use a website that takes ages to load. Since internet users are spoiled for choice, it will be easy for them to click the back button and look for websites that provide a better user experience. If you think that you could be failing in SEO, one of the things you’d want to investigate is the website’s dwell time. When the average customer is spending more than 5 minutes on your website, Google is likely to reward you with better ranking. One of the quick ways to improve user experience is by making the website load faster.

The use of media can also help in increasing the interaction and the audience will spend a lot more time on your website.

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No Tracking Installed

You can’t really know the effectiveness of your campaigns when there is no tracking in the first place. Installing Google Analytics will only take a few minutes and will provide valuable insights that can be used to improve the campaigns. In addition to Google Analytics, you should also make sure that you have access to Google Webmaster to help in improving the search experience. Once you have the apps installed, the first thing you’d want to check is the source of the traffic. What is the ratio of the new Vs. returning visitors and what are the top pages that are popular with your visitors? Doing any digital marketing campaigns without any data can be equated to driving a car without a side mirror. You can never know what you might have done wrong without looking in the past. Google Analytics is free and you can take advantage of the platform to improve your SEO campaigns.

Niche is Too Competitive

You can toil for years doing everything right but still fail because you’re in a competitive niche. There are some niches that you’ll not stand a chance to compete because there will be multiple authority sites. You can avoid such a mistake by doing keyword research. You don’t have to target every keyword in your niche. You can still compete provided you get it right with keyword research. Keyword research will also help in avoiding creating content that doesn’t have a demand no matter how useful it could be.

Wrong Links

This is one of the biggest challenges that SEOs face. Google’s John Muller has recently come out to say that guest posts have no value. Any experienced SEO will know that this is not entirely true. Links still carry the biggest weight when it comes to ranking. You just have to make sure that you’re building the right links. You can expect to move the needle with directory links.

Not Understanding Your Audience

In order to come up with a tailored SEO campaign, it is crucial that you’re understanding your audience. You don’t want to create content for everyone that could be using the internet. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. When you work with a digital agency, they should be able to come up with a buyer persona.  It is easy to create content when you know the person that you’re targeting.


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